Pressure Rises Against the Washington <InsertTeamNameHere>

That’s right everybody, the US Trademark office has removed Washingon’s protection to their current logo and moniker.  Roger Goodell, Redskins owner Dan Snyder, and the NFL still all appear to be rejecting the argument that the name always was and still is a racial slur.  Nevertheless, the decision to change the team’s image appears to be imminent.  Maybe not by the start of the upcoming season, but likely within the next few years.


Oh yeah, and apparantly Trump had something to say about it as well.  So is this an argument being made by both those it is offensive to as well as those who are trying to help give them a voice, or is it something that is being overblown by people who have nothing better to do than find a reason to whine and protest?


Would it be enough to change the logo while keeping the name, in an effort to fool everyone into thinking the name now means something different?  Or maybe just a slight modification to the name and logo, so everyone can still scream the former name in the stands, and nobody would be any the wiser?

Or is this something that’s never going to change, and just going to keep on irritating the people with a conscience, simultaneously allowing them to irritate the rest of the people who are deemed racists for not wanting it to change?


118 comments on “Pressure Rises Against the Washington <InsertTeamNameHere>

  1. This whole debate is Bullshit! Period. If some tyrant forces The Redskins to change their name, I will demand Cracker Jacks change theirs. Also no more soup an crackers. Soup and baked breadish wafers will be the new accepted vernacular.

  2. People like to get on those who use words that some find offensive, but in doing so they become bullies and most of the time they end up making what happened into a bigger deal than it ever was and almost all the time about themselves instead of those actually affected.
    If we (US media) stop perpetuating the idea that you can get some type of monetary gain by being moronic insult spewing jack-hole maybe things will change and in doing so when some horrible action takes place there will be lasting repercussions instead of the usual week or 2 of feeling bad and then forgotten.

  3. I don’t understand what the big deal about this whole Redskins thing is why is it so hard to change it? They are obviously going to have to change it why are they fighting it! are fans really that emotionally attached to a racial slur? Just change it good god!

  4. As a Norwegian American I suppose I am offended by the Vikings. It brings up a painful history of my cultures barbaric past that I am unable to forget with the Minnesota Vikings as a constant reminder. Please change their name as well so as to not offend me.

    By the way, while we are at it, friends of mine who are members of PITA have an issue with the Bears, Lions, Eagles, Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals, Falcons, Panthers, Jaguars, Bengals, Ravens and Dolphins.

  5. Dear VFB bloggers;
    Since this is a slow time of year, I thought that I would cordially invite all of you back to my blog, Rest assured, it’s not because I need the public exposure, ( I’ve already been arrested for that ). I already have 4 die-hard fans.
    It is because I believe that the founder of VFB, one HCG ( possibly NOT his real name ) is a communist synthesizer. Like everything else I write, I have no proof of this… me.

    Only at Nazivike can you get late-braking (and I mean LATE) Viking news. ( Last year I was scooped by Ladies Home Journal ). For example, how many of you are aware that Duante Culpepper blew out his knee ?

    I will continue to avoid controversy, never criticize players or management (even if they decide to dog-sled the team to games ) and maybe even throw in a sprinkler dance now and then.Remember, it’s simply NOT TRUE that you need to give your Great-Grandparents SIN #s and first 4 places of employment to join. ( Your parent’s will suffice ).

    Forever On The Fence
    Mike W

  6. As a driver of Chevy products for years, ever since Plymouth quit making cool cars like the Road Runner. I take offense to the blogger known as Nova, I hope Dale Earnhart Jr does a burnout on your face and puts out the fire with a Mountain Dew! Wait….. I’ve tasted real dew off a mountain and it tasted nothing like Mountain Dew, so you’re safe Nova. I’m gonna file suit against PepsiCo instead.
    Man this is confusing.

  7. You know the more I think about it sports is just a big conspiracy to make fun of losers. We must stop the hatred and bullying of losers!

    For the love of humanity, even losers are people, we must end sports!

  8. Not a big soccer fan (I believe trying to eat your fellow humans should be reserved for Andes airline crash survivors and Mike Tyson ), but I know racism when I’ve been drinking….Tottenham Hotspur ???
    Just think of what all the Coldspurs of this world are feeling !

    • I couldn’t put on weight if I ate the entire Tottenham Hotspur (?????) team. I have befuddled the doctors in Toronto and Halifax.
      Thanks for asking, buddy, I’m holding strong at 155 lbs. (3200 centipedes).

      • ^ Or 15,00 kilometers…..whichever comes first.

        * Offer good only in the sub-continental U.S. and certain western parts of Eastern-North-Central Southern Wisconsin.

        * If visiting. do NOT wear your sheep disguise.

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