Who will take that final step?

The Vikings have a ton of talented young players but they all have questions, so I ask you who do you think will take the next step into becoming a great player instead of just a talented guy? Will KRudy show everyone he is the best TE in the league? Will Patterson show why he should be called Flash? Can Rhodes shutdown teams no.1 WRs? Is Hitman Smithy gonna finally get the recognition he deserves? Can an aging vet like Greenway recapture his fading glory and make his way back to the elite play we were used to from him? It may not matter if a single player steps up, but if a core group can there is no telling how far the Vikings can go.

By roger

86 comments on “Who will take that final step?

  1. Barr will be the greatest OLB the Vikings ever had. I have watched every game Barr has played. Starting freshman year at RB/FB/TE he would do anything just to get to play. Mora gets the HC job ask Barr to switch to the defense and Barr been lights out. Barr can play in the 3-4 4-3 . Barr can play against the run as well as the pass. I don’t know who was evaluating Barr, But they are not even close to what they say. Most east coast scouts don’t do a fair job at scouting players on the west coast. Barr learn and play the LB position only 2 years. With 43 TFL and 23.5 sacks, shows you Barr is effective against the run as well as the pass. His 1st 2 years at LB are a lot better than Mack’s who played in a weaker conference. If Barr played in the Mack, Everyone one would be raving about this kid, because he would have been second to none. I can only imagine the stats Barr would have put up in the Mac. Teddy will be the Starting QB this year as he will beat out Cassel and the its someone else’s fault but mind. Teddy will go down as the best QB in this draft. Game film shows he is the best by far. Already has played under center in a pro set. calls blocking assignments at the line/ goes through his reads/ makes quick decisions/ throws the ball to the WR’s in stride/ makes the right read/ Learn pro set playbook of Louisville at the tender age of 17. Graduated 1 year early/Shows you the commitment he will put forth by coming straight to Minn. and start learning the playbook. Teddy has winner written all over him. You don’t rate a QB how he throws or catches(Troy Williamson & PONDER) in shorts or you will end up with players mention above.

  2. I’m thinking of jumping ship and becoming a Seahawks fan, can’t be that difficult. I’ll blend right in with all the other bandwagon jumpers. I’m gonna try to dye my Harvin jersey, what color dye would I use to make a purple jersey shit green?

  3. One of my favorite things about this blog is seeing Minnesota phrases. Such as “suck eggs” and “uffda”. Now Titus has said “one iota”. Of course my spell check wants to change it to “one iPad”

      • That would be nice. I’d like to see more of our mid-to-late round picks (and UDFAs) develop into starters. Other guys on my list include Mauti and Yankey. The Vikings have a gaping need at all three positions, and it would be awesome if they developed into the players they were touted as before their draft stocks plummeted.

        • Yankey should have gone in the late 2nd. or early 3rd. Yankey will be the starting LT, Vikings had a chance to draft Gabe Jackson, But took Cricthon. This the only pick on didn’t agree with. Jackson would have been a great pick. Jackson was the highest BPA and a need at LG. Lucky for the Vikings Yankey was still on the board that late.

  4. Nice to see Dick Seymour doing ‘healthy’ beef jerky ads on TV……. ” You get out what you put in ” !!
    Makes me want to ask my doctor if I should go on the ” Beef jerky diet recommended by that Seattle Seahawk asshole ” ???

    • Can’t really give a honest answer to this seeing as I have yet to get one, but I have heard good things about Outlast (you may piss yourself) and inFamous Second Son.
      That is not to mention the soon (July 29th) to be re-released version of The Last of Us(:Remastered), if you have not played it on PS3 get it, which also comes with the DLC Left Behind(costs $15 for PS3 owners).

      When Batman Arkham Knight comes out it likely will be great as well as the 2015 release of Uncharted 4 Thief’s End(Future game of the year).

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