Offseason Schedule

The Vikings OTAs are scheduled from May 28-30, June 3-5, and June 9-12. The mandatory minicamp is scheduled to run from June 17-19. While the start of training has yet to be given to the public it usually starts near the end of July.

109 comments on “Offseason Schedule

  1. 12/25/13 – Christmas Day..
    Bill Musgrave calls Christian Ponder to wish him a Merry Christmas and says “if you can lose 2% body fat and fit back in to your skinny jeans by June 1st 2014, I’ll be sure to get you the starting job for another year”

    • I think Ponder will surprise everyone. He never, ever was properly groomed. And regardless of all the naysayers, the kid has shown he can play– if he can play, that means he can overcome the obstacles and barriers if properly coached and he has the desire to do so. He can still be great.

  2. Well, Google Chrome warned me for the past week not to come here– finally today, it is safe. It said there was malware on this site! Who is the culprit? Angry Green Bay fans, knowing it will be 98 all over again multiplied by 10?

  3. The other day I called the Psychic Hotline to get a jump on my score predictions. A lady answers the phone “Thank you for calling the Psychic Network, this is Lydia. How may I help you?”

    I told her I wanted to talk to someone else, since she obviously wasn’t very good at her job.

  4. Well, I am not sure how much I should share, but I was just at a small group presentation with my connection to the U — we heard and saw all about the Super Bowl presentation by the head guy of the agency who was hired to put the presentation together for the Super Bowl bid to the owners. Yowzer! That was pretty cool!!!

    • Without seeing the play, my intuition says that Cassel did more wrong on those two plays than the CBs did right. They just happened to be in the right position when the QB screwed up. Good thing we have a promising young rookie ready to show these vets how it’s done.

  5. All the owners were shipped a box about 8 X 12 X 12– inside the Vikings bid was in a dark solid steel box– narrow and cool– very heavy. Within that, strapped down was an iPad which had the entire bid and pitch within– everything from transportation to the stadium to the CEO and celebrity pitches. Tell you what was in there later.

  6. What was interesting, of course because they are owners who would vote, is that the Wilfs got boxes from the other two cities– so when the Minnesota team went to do the formal presentation before the owners, they already knew what Indy and NO were going to do.

  7. Did you guys hear what I attended last night? The man who headed the strategy to bring the Super Bowl to MN by developing the whole Built for the Bold campaign told gave us the inside scoop. I thought some of you might have some interest or questions.

    • That makes more sense for him. Greenway seems like more of an inside type of guy at this point in his career. However, the team seems overly stacked in the middle with Brinkley, Cole and Mauti all claiming it as their primary skill position. Hopefully one or two of them is a bit more versatile.

    • I just scanned through depth charts across the league, and found 7 teams that could be interested. The backup on each of these teams is unfamiliar enough to me that the team probably could benefit by looking for an improvement.

      • Bills
        1. EJ Manuel
        2. Thaddeus Lewis
      • Dolphins
        1. Ryan Tannehill
        2. Matt Moore
      • Ravens
        1. Joe Flacco
        2. Tyrod Taylor
      • Steelers
        1. Ben Roethlisberger
        2. Bruce Gradkowski
      • Lions
        1. Matt Stafford
        2. Kellen Moore
      • Falcons
        1. Matt Ryan
        2. Dominique Davis
      • Saints
        1. Drew Brees
        2. Luke McCown

      I almost left the Saints off the list since McCown seemed familiar enough, until I saw that Josh McCown is the starter for the Buccs. Are these two related? If so, are they similar enough in skill that the Saints should be removed?

      The Lions seems to be a likely landing spot for Freeman right now. They love taking chances on guys with questions about some aspect of their personality, and they have the type of vertical offense that I think would be the most complementary to his skills.

    • Greenway’s not really “Moving” anywhere. His position is just being given a new name because Zimmer’s scheme is so different (thankfully) from the Tampa-2 that has been plaguing Minnesota throughout Greenway’s career.

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