It’s starting…

Today is the first day of the Vikings 3 day rookie mini-camp. Soon we will see a glimpse of what the young guys may be able to do in the coming season. Also word out of the camp is that Teddy is going to be taking the first team reps in the OTAs that will soon follow this mini-camp. Does this mean Teddy will be the starter day 1?

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    • yea did you see (one of the draft pressers) when a reporter asked if he reached on Barr and suggested “a scout” told him Barr was rated lower?

      Zimmer “Who, who, which scout, who said it?”

      O I saw the a glimpse of the fire, and it made me happy.

      • I think he was fairly controlled even then– he seems to have an underlying impatience with most of the questions– like DUH! Why do you need to ask that? But that is sports commentary– most of it is gibberish. We like it when we are winning but when we have issues– watch out. I think Chilly was a mastermind at press conferences.

  1. Antone Exum asked about his strengths from above article …. his answer

    “My strengths are my speed, my size, ball skills, physicality, point of attack, and tackling. I feel like I have a unique covering ability and also to make the big play at the big moment.”


    According to NFL dot com eval his Weakness is “Confidence bordering on arrogance” REALLY?

    • Who writes B/R? It said

      “Sanford, Raymond, Blanton and Sendejo are all very similar players, tough against the run,”

      WRONG! Raymond and Blanton are converted corners. Raymond is not “tough” against anything.

  2. Here’s a no shit story only y’all will understand.
    My wife and I were driving to dinner the other night and she was sharing her work days problems with me. ( I said that nicely)
    She is a manager and said she was going to tell her employees to take their jobs seriously or they could SUCK EGGS!!
    I said ‘suck eggs? Where did you hear that?’
    She wasn’t sure but I’m thinking she heard it in Minnesota, can’t be that big of a coincidence.
    She says UffDa too.

  3. Read this on DN-

    Neat story

    Morning folks. I’m visiting back home in WVa this week and while staying with my brother who’s an episcopal priest here in the Kanawha valley he told me a neat story yesterday I’d like to share with my Viking brethren.
    My brother who is 62 he and my family are from the upper Kanawha valley area outside of Charleston. He graduated from East Bank high school in 1970 across the river from DuPont high school the rival area school. My brother back in the 70’s and 80’s worked for Central Appalachian Coal company as a foreman up Paint Creek in Banner hollow, or holler as they say here.
    He said at the main gate of the mine was a company house where a lady named Ms Elsie lived. She’d watch the main gate for the coal company and alerted them to any trespassers and eventually the company built her a new home there. She was a single older African American lady who adopted African American kids orphaned in the state. She adopted and raised over 100 kids during her time there. One of my brothers good high school friends he grew up with was one of those children raised by Ms Elsie. This friend was visiting my brother at his home a few months back and told him a story.
    He told my brother while living and being raised at Ms Elsie’s a popular activity he the other teen boys in the area would do is play football, 20 or more of them at a time. He said during one period there was a young teen girl who also stayed at the orphanage that wanted to play with them. They said sure, laughing thinking this was not a girls game but she was insistent. Well the young girl commenced to taking them to school on the field, he said she could do it all, run like a deer, by far the fastest of any of them, with moves he said like Gale Sayers. She could catch passes and if she had a half step on you, it was over. He said she was far and away the best athlete in the area he had ever witnessed. This young lady was the mother of Randy Moss.

    by VikingLifer on May 23, 2014 | 7:34 AM ↩reply

  4. Anyone hear about the Isla Vista shooting?
    Guy decide it was “retribution” to kill people because no one would sleep with him. Seriously what the hell is wrong with people if that is your answer for your problems. Why are people becoming pathetic self absorbed bastards who think they deserve more than anyone else?

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