Searching for Gold in the Garbage Bin

With Free Safety Lonnie Ballentine clocking in as Mr. Irrelevant, the 2014 draft is over and the negotiations with newly acquired rookies can begin. But there are still hundreds of hopeful rookies that were ignored in the past 3 days. Luckily for them, and for the teams that are smart enough to find the remaining players with NFL quality talent, they still have a chance of keeping their dreams of becoming an NFL Superstar alive. Below is a list of undrafted free agents that I think the team should consider.

Seeing as we only have 4 WRs worthy of a roster spot, we should be talking to some of the more promising players that were ignored in the past 3 days. Brandon Coleman tops my list, as a huge 6-and-a-half foot red zone target.

LBs Christian Jones, Shayne Skov, Adrian Hubbard, and Max Bullough all had 4th round grades or higher, and seeing as we only have 2 players who are certain to be starters, it would be good to get more competition in for the 3rd spot.

CBs Rashaad Reynolds, Marcus Roberson and Loucheiz Purifoy were all highly rated on rube draft boards, and even though we already have a lot of CBs to weed through, it wouldn’t hurt to keep on adding competition for a group that panned out as the worst in the league at the end of the season.

Safety Craig Loston could also come in to add more competition for the DBs.

OL – Antonio Richardson was a 2nd round prospect, and could help to show Charlie Johnson the door under proper coaching. His weaknesses appear similar to Johnson’s, but as a rookie are much more likely to be diminished with proper coaching.

DL – Deandre Coleman and Anthony Johnson are two massive bodies that could help out in the rotation if Zimmer thinks that Fred Evans may be getting a bit too old to be a rotational backup.

QB – Brett Smith and Connor Shaw stand out as potential rookies who can come in as the #3 QB to help Zimmer hand Ponder his walking papers.

Who did I leave out? What players do you think would be a good fit to fill out the Vikings’ roster?

131 comments on “Searching for Gold in the Garbage Bin

  1. I have a feeling Ponder will be a different QB under these new coaches. Remember, the kid was mentored by McNabb and Musgrave– and then thrown into a fiery furnace in Chicago (McNabb’s own mama walked out). We may be very surprised. Mark my words. We may see Ponder as the starter.

  2. I believe Exum has been drafted to play safety and is also the Michael Mauti of this draft. Really happy with this draft at least 6 guys are going to see significant playing time.

    • I think he said Colter is the biggest name just because he should be the most well known name right now because he tried to form a college players union. I don’t think it has anything to do with his skills on the field, kinda like Michael Sam is one of the biggest names on the Rams roster right now just because he’s the first openly gay NFL player.

  3. Scott Studwell was one of my favorite player to watch in the “old” days, not like the ho-hum of the last several years….Still have Viking game tapes of many good years.

    If I want to watch once again GOOD players, I poke one of those in the VHS player.

    • I’m sick of the bullshit, he’s a football player who he does or doesn’t hump is his business, unless the person is underage, just like everybody else.
      It would be great if the media would move on but they like to latch onto stories and never let them die, like Tebow.

  4. This article ( indicates that Culpepper’s hands are 9 1/2 inches, which is actually 1/4″ bigger than Bridgewater’s according to this site:

    Interesting argument made from the first article is that Culpepper had webbed hands, which supposedly made his hands play smaller. But it makes it look like Bridgewater’s hands still are pretty small for an NFL QB. Hopefully it won’t matter much, and Bridgwater will learn to stay in the pocket the majority of the time and not wave the ball around in the air when he has the need to scramble.

    • And a bigger and better offensive line– I think we will be dominating in all phases. Don’t forget our kicking team! Heck, this is almost like the 98 team, but with possibly a better defense– once Zimmer and Turner shapes up all this talent.

  5. Take a look at Manzeil early in this video – right after his name is called. Then take a look at the fake smile he puts on the entire time thereafter. Does that look like somebody who’s happy to be going to be called a Brown?

    Listen to his lies in the interview. Specifically when replying to the question about how he felt when talking on the phone with the coach after he got drafted: “a lot of emotion”. He sure wasn’t showing it on the video!

  6. Week 1 – Sept. 7 – Noon at St. Louis Rams
    Week 2 – Sept. 14 – Noon vs. NE Patriots
    Week 3 – Sept. 21 – Noon at New Orleans Saints
    Week 4 – Sept. 28 – 3:25 PM vs. Atlanta Falcons
    Week 5 – Oct. 2 – 7:25 PM at Green Bay Packers
    Week 6 – Oct. 12 – Noon vs. Detroit Lions
    Week 7 – Oct. 19 – Noon at Buffalo Bills
    Week 8 – Oct. 26 – Noon at TB Buccaneers
    Week 9 – Nov. 2 – Noon vs. WA Redskins
    Week 10 – Bye
    Week 11 – Nov. 16 – Noon at Chicago Bears
    Week 12 – Nov. 23 – Noon vs. Green Bay Packers
    Week 13 – Nov. 30 – Noon vs. Carolina Panthers
    Week 14 – Dec. 7 – Noon vs. New York Jets
    Week 15 – Dec. 14 – Noon at Detroit Lions
    Week 16 – Dec. 21 – Noon at Miami Dolphins
    Week 17 – Dec. 28 – Noon vs. Chicago Bears

    • Kudos to that reporter – phenomenal read! Wish we had known what QB traits Turner was looking at prior to the draft – we may not have guessed exactly who they were picking, but it would have made guessing much more fun.

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