Day 3

Today is the third and final day of the draft (please don’t expand it). Usually teams have filled a majority of their needs by now and are just looking for back ups and special teamers but there is always a chance that one of these overlooked guys will turn out to be a stud and will make others regret passing them over. Can the Vikings find a starting LG? Will they be able to add a CB and S to compete and beat out the lack luster likes of Sanford, Robinson, and others. For those who do not know Zimmer enjoys taking defensive backs late in the draft and we all know Spiels loves taking OLinemen late, hopefully they can find a steal or 2 and make the team better as a whole.

121 comments on “Day 3

  1. Just read through Teddy Bridgewater’s Draft Analysis fully for the first time.

    I was very pleased with how his strengths match up exactly with what I was hoping we’d get for a QB (Leader, hard worker, great at reading defenses, comes through in the clutch). But his weaknesses are worrisome – especially the problem he has with cold weather. Hopefully he’ll start working out inside of a freezer for the next few months to start acclimating himself to what he’ll be going through for the next two years.

  2. So, with Exum, James and Price being drafted, Munnerlyn and Cox added in free agency, Sherels just resigned, and current players including Rhodes, Robinson and Prater, (among others) all at CB, what is the final roster going to look like?

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