Draft Day 2

It is time for the second day of the draft meaning rounds 2 and 3. Things are sure to be hectic as teams try to find good young players who can contribute immediately but it will definitely be fun to see. So without further ado draft time!

By roger

86 comments on “Draft Day 2

  1. Yeah, baby– exactly what Titus was talking about earlier this off-season. We need to get back to a Robert Smith- Leroy Hoard and Adrian Peterson-Chester Taylor combo. THOSE two combos took us inches from the Super Bowl after the 98 and 09 seasons.

  2. Just got home I LOVE these picks. We needed a DE bad we only had Griffen & Robison and our pass rush sucked balls last season. You win games in the trenches that’s something the Vikes forgot about last year. I was surprised we took a RB this high but he is a weapon that will help Teddy on 3rd down. Gerhart was kind of useless as a passing option. Can’t wait for day 3!

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