it’s not radio active but I’d still be careful! In less than one week we’ll know our density.

By vegasvike

98 comments on “BEAVER TIME

    • Mettenberger’s gonna be better than you care to admit. Still, mocking only 1 defender in the first five selections for the league’s worst defense is insane. That RB and WR should be converted to a CB and Safety, or another LB.

        • That is a likely possibility.
          If they trade back and all the QBs fall to that pick who would you take, any of them or someone else?
          If they would then trade back into the 1st who would you want?

          I’d want Verrett at either pick seeing as he is the BEST CB in the draft. People will whine about him being only 5’9 but his speed and coverage ability more than make up for it. DRAFT VERRETT!

          • If all the QB’s were still on the board at #8 I would STILL take either Sammy Watkins or Khalil Mack or trade down for Darqueze Dennard. Then I would try and trade back up into the 1st targeting Bortles/Carr but I think they’re going very early so instead I’d be hoping that Bridgewater, Mettenberger or Garrupollo fall. Late round pick would be spent on Cornell qb Jake Mathews.

            If all the QB’s are still on the board at #8 and Spielman has to make a decision he sure as shit better take Bortles or I will kill myself I swear to gald!

  1. I’m with you Irish, not sold on any QB at pick 8. I hope there will be a defensive stud left at 8 and we go QB in round 2. I’ll bet one of the top 3 will fall that far and it will probably be Bridgeovertroubledwater.

  2. I woke up so happy this morning….then realized….IT ISN’T THURSDAY YET!!!! I feel like a little kid just before Christmas, I just can’t wait any longer.

    With that said, I’ve seen what alot of my fellow Viking fans have said they would like to have in the draft. Here is my draft predictions for 2014!

    RD 1- Justin Gilbert- CB Oklahoma St.

    RD 2- Tom Savage- QB Pittsburgh

    RD 3- Kyle Van Noy- OLB Brigham Young

    RD 3- Cyril Richardson- OG Baylor

    RD 4- Marqueston Huff- FS Wyoming

    RD 5- Howard Jones- OLB Shepherd

    RD 6- Anthony Steen- OG Alabama

    RD 7- Richard Rodgers- TE California

    Any thoughts my fellow bloggers????

    • Where did Tom Savage come from? I haven’t even heard his name until earlier this week. Maybe it’s personal bias but to me, a guy who shoots way up the draft boards out of nowhere at the last second is begging to get a tattoo labeled “Bust” on his chest.

      • Here is some information on Tom Savage for you Parody.

        A three-star recruit, Savage had dozens of scholarship offers out of high school, ultimately choosing Rutgers over Pittsburgh, Louisville and Georgia. He earned the starting job as a true freshman in 2009 and found moderate success, leading Rutgers to a 9-win season. Savage started four games in 2010, but suffered a hand injury and lost his starting job while he was on the mend, deciding to leave the school and transfer. He later admitted he was a “bitter” kid and should have stayed at Rutgers. Savage ended up at Arizona, sitting out the 2011 season, but when Rich Rodriguez and his spread offensive attack came to town, Savage decided to transfer again. Savage wished to return to Rutgers, but was blocked and enrolled at Pittsburgh, sitting out the 2012 season due to transfer rules. He started every game in 2013 as a senior captain and produced quality numbers with 61.2 percent completions and a 21-9 TD-INT ratio. Savage is in the mold of strong-armed old school style passers like Drew Bledsoe with a pro-style skill-set and experience. He has plus arm strength, but is too confident in his arm and will force throws and test small windows often. Savage certainly has his share of bad game tape with streaky accuracy and poor decisions, but the NFL size and arm strength will earn him a shot – worth a late-round pick, but could surprise in the top 50 picks as he continued to rise on draft boards throughout the spring.

      • I would take either Savage or Garopolo….I like them both equally. Savage had a 61.2% completion rate last year.. I think That Van Noy is a beast and will surprise you as a 4-3 linebacker. Van Noy also grades out much higher than Tripp. You are right on about Richardson being exposed….He definitely needs help with his footwork but I believe it is easily correctable.

  3. Anyone know anything about antiques? Am trying to find the value of a gas stove/oven from probably the 1920s– but seems all I can find are sites that want payment for an appraisal– plus I cannot find this exact stove, although I have seen something similar for a few grand.

  4. Has anybody else seen Draft Day yet? I just saw it this afternoon and have a similar impression of Johnny Manzeil as I do for this movie’s QB who is touted as being as much of a sure thing as Andrew Luck was. Both Manzeil and this movie’s draft day gem have done some amazing things in college, that alone would make most people wonder why there’s any question who the #1 pick is going to be. Then you start learning of the guy’s character flaws and start to realize how much bust potential he has.

    Character is an extremely important trait for a franchise QB. The QB is called the Field General because he is the man who is expected to lead the men in battle. If your general’s character doesn’t inspire the troops, it’s going to be a lot less likely to have a successful battle.

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