Well, once again Las Vegas has info that’s not privy to the rest of world. Actually, it’s a Viking schedule, just not the 2014 schedule. I was doing some yard work in this morning and came across this schedule in my tool box. And I figure it’s time for a new post. The first person to guess what year this is from will WIN absolutely nothing! Good luck fellow bloggers.


By vegasvike


    • Really hope this isn’t the case, and I doubt it is. When was the last time that a pre draft rumor about the Vikes was actually correct? Either way, I really hope we don’t trade up in this draft, especially having to give the picks that this article is suggesting… that would set us back as a franchise for years (see Griffin, Robert III). To draft a QB that has good size and a lot of potential? No thanks. I like Savage, Mettenberger and Jimmy G no higher than our pick in the 2nd.

    • There’s also been rumors that Bridgewater, Mettenberger, Manziel and others have been the Vikings’ top QB. It really doesn’t mean anything. They’re just making up stories as much as they can right now because they’re used to the draft having already happened 2 weeks ago.

  1. 2014 Vikings Schedule
    Friday, Aug. 8 at 7 PM vs. Oakland Raiders
    Saturday, Aug. 16 at 7:30 PM vs. Arizona Cardinals
    Saturday, Aug. 23 at 7 PM at Kansas City Chiefs
    Thursday, Aug. 28 at 7 PM at Tennessee Titans
    Regular season
    Week 1 – Sept. 7 – Noon at St. Louis Rams
    Week 2 – Sept. 14 – Noon vs. New England Patriots
    Week 3 – Sept. 21 – Noon at New Orleans Saints
    Week 4 – Sept. 28 – 3:25 PM vs. Atlanta Falcons
    Week 5 – Oct. 2 – 7:25 PM at Green Bay Packers
    Week 6 – Oct. 12 – Noon vs. Detroit Lions
    Week 7 – Oct. 19 – Noon at Buffalo Bills
    Week 8 – Oct. 26 – Noon at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Week 9 – Nov. 2 – Noon vs. Washington Redskins
    Week 11 – Nov. 16 – Noon at Chicago Bears
    Week 12 – Nov. 23 – Noon vs. Green Bay Packers
    Week 13 – Nov. 30 – Noon vs. Carolina Panthers
    Week 14 – Dec. 7 – Noon vs. New York Jets
    Week 15 – Dec. 14 – Noon at Detroit Lions
    Week 16 – Dec. 21 – Noon at Miami Dolphins
    Week 17 – Dec. 28 – Noon vs. Chicago Bears

    • Before reading the article, I’m going to say that the first half of the season looks more difficult than the second. We might have only one or two wins by the time Detroit comes to town, but we could be in a position to sneak into the playoffs with a strong performance in the final four games.

      Don’t give up on this team! They’re going to surprise a lot of people.

    • Now, after having read it, I’m pretty disturbed. Our offense, having lost no key contributors, while having gained a MUCH better coordinator and likely to get something more in the draft he has predicted to average 4.7 points fewer per game than they did last year against tougher teams.

      Meanwhile, the defense has lost Kevin Williams, Jared Allen and Chris Cook while picking up Linval Joseph, Corey Wooten and Captain Munnerlyn (all improvements at this point in their careers), along with a great defensive minded head coach and likely some very nice pieces added early in the draft, but they don’t improve by enough to make up for the (ignorantly) projected decay of the offense, and only do enough to swing the tide from a tie over to a win when comparing to last year’s results.

      Final summary: that article was a joke.

  2. I was visiting with Speilman the other day, and casually glanced at some notes he had jotted down. This is what it read:

    eeny, meeny, minee, moe

    ‘Bridge’ over troubled water(s)

    wine cooler

    two all-beef patties

    pick up eggs on the way home-

    No doubt these are cryptic notes from a brilliant mind.

  3. The schedule looks very much in our favor– we go to GB early October and in December, our only outdoor games are at NY (can be mild cause near the ocean) and at Miami. But then I realized all our games at home will be cold– I sure hope our coach is smart enough to practice outdoors and not indoors– remember when Frazier practiced at Winter Park with the doors opened to help acclimate the team? That half-way nonsense does not build champions.

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