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120 comments on “ScruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuLL

    • That would be an interesting swap. Our pro bowl vet joins the Giants after we steal their pro bowl-to-be youngster at the same position. Good luck to Kevin, although I hope he doesn’t have to settle for New York to keep his career alive.

    • No thanks! I’m not interested in drafting backups in the first 2/3 rounds. Especially if they’re backups to guys who you just drafted in the last year! A franchise QB who needs a bit of time to learn before he takes over? Sure. Anything else better be a guy who is expected to be a game changer every down of whichever side of the field he plays (offense/defense).

      • You’re expecting too much. According to conventional draft pick value charts, if the Dolphins gave us their 1, 2 and 3 this year, the Vikings would come out as the winners on the trade.

        The Vikings’ 8th pick in the first round is worth 1400 points, while the Dolphins’ 19th pick in the first is worth 875 points. The Dolphins then hold picks 18 and 17 in the 2nd and 3rd rounds respectively, which are worth 400 and 185. Total that all up and the Phins would be giving up 1460 in value for a pick valued at 1400.

        For a draft that is considered extremely deep in talent, this trade could benefit the Vikings even more. There aren’t any QB needy teams between us and the Dolphins, so whoever was available at 8 will probably still be there at 18, then we have two extra picks that should also be able to net starters.

        With 6 picks in the first 3 rounds, we might as well trade everything else for future picks, because there won’t be enough room left on the roster for those other picks to fill.

        • That trade value chart is nice but look at the or(s).

          If they give their 3rd I would take a 4th next year. While if they give a 4th I would want a 2nd next year. I know it is to much but then we could use the extra pick from next year to move up this year if needed later on, as in to get a OG, LB, or QB depending on which position is taken care of early on.

  1. Ricky has stated he wants at least 10 picks this year, and I don’t take that as a smokescreen. I personally am ok with the QB’s we have, a proven (Cunningham – Favre – Ferrotte – George) retread to me is better than the unknown. The offense didn’t lose all those games last year. And the Cheifs offense didn’t win all those games last year.

  2. 4 years ago 100% of Vikings fans were done with veteran qbs. We ALL wanted a franchise qb and had no interest in another stop gap solution that falls apart after a couple of seasons. Why are we okay with it again? Was Ponder that bad that we never want to take a chance again? We have to build a team around a young QB, Cassel will never get us anywhere we are falling into the same trap we always do! I FEEL LIKE IM TAKING CRAZY PILLS! SEND

  3. WHEW…….That was a L O N G time but I’m back!!! Just catching up on all I missed the last 40 days or so. You guys have brought up some interesting debates on our draft this year!! Also, some good articles and debates as well. Hope all is well in Vikings land!


  4. Personally, I think that we go Defense our first two picks, then OG with our first pick in the third round. I would Love to see Savage as our QB of the future too. His stock has been moving up lately. Not sure if we can wait until the fourth round to get him…..we may have to pick him with our second pick in the third round if we want him.

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