Great Odins Raven!!


It is a delicious cereal.


Turtles……….and so much class I swear I will shit blood on Irish Potato.


Norv, I told you no hawks. It is I, Mike Zimmer.


Must have a freaking hawk Norv……….

imagesCAOZ1CQR rick on phone

You know he is talking to …….

112 comments on “Great Odins Raven!!

  1. I asked about heavily investing in a position in the draft and LB, OLine, and CB where the answers by the few who choose to answer.
    With that said are there any guys you like at those positions?
    When would you prefer them to be addressed?

    Personally I want LB Kahlil Mack in the first if he is still around and if not I would like to trade back into the middle teens and take OT\G Zach Martin.
    The CB who I like is a tad small but just like Winfield he makes people regret attempting to catch the ball and he is CB Jason Verrett. It’s unfortunate that he likely will be gone before the 2nd round.
    CB Pierre Desir would be a great 3rd round guy with good size (6’1) and coverage ability. While he has not played higher level talent, because he had to take care of his family, he shut down his side of the field. He would be a great no.2/3 CB who can play outside when the Captain moves to the slot during 3 WR sets.
    If Mack is taken by the Vikes I want OT\G Billy Turner in the back-end of the 3rd or early 4th.


  2. Yeah folks, I’ve been in Toronto seeing a specialist. Lost about 40 lbs. in the last 2 months. All the really bad shit has been basically ruled out, but with absolutely no other symptoms, I’ve got them scratching their heads. Seems like I have a habit of doing that to people.

          • I’m on board with that! Leadership is probably the most important quality that gets overlooked when drafting a QB. I would much rather have a QB who builds up the confidence of his teammates over one who goes out of his way to be spectacular.

            Football is too much a team game to trust that you will win just because you have a spectacular QB.

        • Too true. I recall that almost everybody had Floyd going top-5 or 10, but he found his way all the way down to us at 23. When that happened, I’m sure that Rick changed his plans for the day, as he likely was thinking this scenario would never happen.

          If it weren’t for Floyd’s big fall, we probably would have grabbed Rhodes and Patterson with our two picks and Rick would not have had a reason to trade back in to the first. He clearly wanted Patterson a lot, but he knew that he had to take the better players first when they slipped to us.

          It’s anybody’s guess who’s going to slide this year, but I trust Spielman to take advantage of the opportunity the slides provide when it happens once again.

  3. A little 8-year old girl, all decked out with a fireman’s hat and a little red wagon, with two cute little white ladders attached to the sides, a big garden hose coiled in the middle……. and being towed by two ropes, 1 leading to her doggy’s collar and the other to her cat’s balls,… walks past the Fire Station…….

    (Fireman, outside having a smoke)…….
    “Hey, little fellow fire-fighter lady !! What a great truck you have” !!!!!
    (Little girl)
    “GEE……..Thank you Mr. Fireman !!”
    “But I really think that your rig might go faster if you had that rope tied around your kitty’s collar instead of where it is now” ??
    (Little girl)
    ” I think you’re right, Mr. Fireman….but then I wouldn’t have a siren” !

    • He may or may not work out, but I think this solidifies an A for the Vikes in Free Agency. I can’t recall a year they made this many moves before the draft. We’ve addressed several positions now, making the draft not as critical as it was before.

      If we make 3 or 4 successful picks in the draft, we’ll be sitting pretty.

      Nova – glad to hear all the bad stuff ruled out. Meat and potatoes will put some pounds back on you. And gravy. Put gravy on everything, even your ice cream.

      • I noticed this activity seemed abnormal as well– I wonder if the new coaches have motivated Spielman to get busy. Or everyone is thinking– hey AD is nearing the 30 mark– we need to get serious quick!

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