89 comments on “Who do you want?

      • There’s plenty of ways. The simplest is doing a copy paste. Depending on the browser he’s using and its settings, it simply may have been more visible to him on his screen than it is on yours. Roger also has admin privileges, which allows him to view all comments made sequentially in a special feature for WordPress members; since this feature is sequential, it doesn’t use the tabbing of replies to comments. With the admin privilege, he also could have clicked Edit on your post in order to view its complete contents. And of course, there’s always the slightly more tedious task of viewing the source code of the page and picking it apart for the individual comments.

  1. You guys think Mettenberger will be there with our first pick in the 3rd? If we took him there i’d have no problem with it whatsoever. But this is the second time that I’ve heard we’re into him, which makes me think we might not be at all.

  2. I always thought the phrase “defense wins championships” was hog wash until I witnessed Seattle dismantle the Donkeys. I’d be comfortable going into the season with Cassel & Ponder plus a late rounder at QB. And draft the crap out of defensive players.
    Our offense may not have rose to the occasion in the last minutes of a lot of games last year but they did pull out a couple.
    On the other hand, our defense DID toss a few games away in the last minutes.
    We have a much improved coaching staff this year and I’m willing to bet we’re gonna be in for an exciting season!

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