110 comments on “It’s Poll Time Again!!!!

  1. At this slow time of year, I think Wilf has charged Zimmer with the task of building a little bit of extra revenue through the media. How do you do that? Joining the Circus always seems to be an easy answer. The media always likes to follow the circus, so Zimmer is just out there to ensure that the media is following him as well.

  2. My gut is telling me that Zimmer does not want Manziel in purple. From hearing what other people say about him and watching him in pressers, Zimmer is not a guy who plays games (that’s Spielman’s niche). If he says Manziel puts up flags, he’s telling it exactly as he sees it.

    If Spielman had made the comments about a circus sideshow and putting up flags, THEN I’d have to believe they were trying to make Manziel fall to the 8th pick.

    Then again, EVERYBODY knows that Spielman speaks with forked tongue, so having Zimmer say it would be very strategic.

    • I agree. Zimmer has been quoted as saying that he wants a leader who will put the team on his back, be working/practicing harder & longer than anyone else. Those are not qualities that I think of when I think of the type of person that Manziel has been advertised as.

  3. Funny in our high tech world, no one knows where that plane is. Yeah, right. A little suspicious that the US has only one plane in the whole search effort. They know more than they let on.

  4. I wandered over to NaziVike.com just now for some reason, and ended up reading one of Wobbles’ latest articles. Like usual, he went out of his way to say he likes everything the Vikings are doing, while adding a lot of extra fluff that meant nothing. But this statement at the end of the article made me laugh:

    “I believe taking the best player available is the right strategy, regardless of position and positional need. But I also believe in using the draft to add players who can make a difference on your team. Melding those two strategies can at times be a tricky process. While I think the Vikings would improve their offense by adding Evans, I also think they can improve the team by passing on a first-round receiver and taking a player at a different position instead, provided that player is of equal ability.”

    In short, he’s saying that he believes in drafting the best player available, and he believes in drafting purely for need. Preposterous? Umm…YEA!

  5. I know I am in the minority, but I want Manziel. Sure he is an ass, but can you believe it, I too was an asshole at 20 years old. I bet his scrambling and improv will be highly entertaining, especially during the TCF years. Who knows, maybe the kid will mature, and become rockstar badass dude.

    Still, no way he falls to #8.

  6. I had a dream two nights ago, and this is true…..I found where they kept all the clones of everybody, like matrix or something, and all the clones were laying down in hibernation.

    So I found my clone, and it had down syndrome. I woke it up and it tried to kiss me, so I pushed it away and it tried to bite my face. And it was really strong, and bit my shoulder and then I woke up.

    Your thoughts…

  7. Titus check out Mark Dice on YouTube talk about Noah movie. It sounds like the movie is based off the gnostic version, I will do more research this weekend. Im on my phone and dont know how to post the link from my phone.

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