Storm headed for Halifax on Wednesday now considered a weather bomb

Environment Canada meterologists now say Wednesday’s storm won’t just be bad – it will be a weather bomb.

A low-pressure system is designated as a weather bomb when it intensifies by at least 24 millibars within 24 hours – and meterologist Tracey Talbot said that’s well within reach.


(Time for a new post, anyway).

By novascotiavike

96 comments on “Storm headed for Halifax on Wednesday now considered a weather bomb

  1. i salute you guys in the minny area. you get hit with that canadian weather all year round and withstand it.down here in new jersey we get hit with 5 inches of snow and the state call for a shutdown…

  2. There is another storm coming, and it will happen in October when the Panthers visit the Vikings Monday Night Oct 13th…

    I think that my friend Joe Webb just might be ready for some payback….I hope so…Last year I believe the score was Panthers 35…Vikings 10………That was last year. This year?

  3. I was reflecting on Ponder momentarily– he had McNabb and Webb as his mentors and Musgrave as his OC. He had Frazier treating him as a spoiled kid– no repercussions or accountability– no matter how Ponder played, he was the starter. We may be very surprised– Ponder may turn out to be our starter this year after all.

  4. I just read rumors are we trade Ponder to Cleveland or Jacksonville if we draft a QB. Article lacked substance on the rumor– just spoke on the QBs in the draft– so I am not posting it to save you guys from reading it.

  5. Best mock draft ever for the Vikings:

    The first two rounds are home runs for the Vikings. After that, it looks like the mocker doesn’t have a strong grasp on the team’s needs. That’s okay though. I would be thrilled if this was how the draft played out for us (compared to others I’ve seen). But I HIGHLY doubt that our pick will come around without a single QB being taken…one can dream though…

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