The Love Boat Scandal: Discovering Another Dimension

So maybe you all knew this already, but it’s brand new for me. I knew that the scandal, which occurred back in 2005, was given the nickname the Love Boat Scandal as a play on the TV Show called Love Boat. However, I never thought of it as anything more than a casual relationship as the Vikings players were making Love on a Boat.

I never watched the show myself, and am mostly familiar of it because its theme song seems to get stuck in your head even if you’ve only ever heard it once. Then yesterday, I started watching some old TV Shows on TVLand or something similar, and after I Dream of Jeanie and Bewitched (2 of my all time favorites) came the Love Boat. As I reached for the tuner to find something better to watch, something on the screen caught my eye. The font of the credits was strangely familiar. Then it dawned on me: that’s the same font that the Vikings use in a lot of their branding!

It wasn’t until a minute or two later that I connected the dots to the Love Boat scandal and started to wonder if that had anything to do with the media terming the scandal after the TV Show. Do any of you bloggers know – was this intentional, or just a freaky coincidence?


165 comments on “The Love Boat Scandal: Discovering Another Dimension

    • It could also leave the door open for a 3-4 scheme in MN. We have our NT in Joseph with Evans as his backup. I can see Floyd sliding out to an end position in the 3-4, and Robison might be able to hold down the spot as the other end with the new guy coming in to give them a break every now and again. Then Griffen drops back to the blitzing OLB while Greenway moves inside and pairs up with Cole, Mauti or Brinkley.

      That would leave us in a perfect spot in the draft to get our other OLB. There’s at least 2 guys worthy of a top ten selection as a 3-4 OLB, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone worth mentioning that would fit the 4-3 OLB spot – which is the only defensive position that was left vulnerable after the first week of free agency.

  1. So, I am now in boot camp for the summer– cycling every day. Interestingly, I found PBS to be entertaining with some of their educational shows– tonight was watching about African lions– get this, I like to have captioning on so I don’t miss anything (some of the noise while riding, etc.) — the two male lions, Clawd and Romeo– and not just once, throughout the hour. Good grief– pay someone who knows the language!

    • Joe Webb picked up by Carolina to play QB

      Joe could be the next Kurt Warner, or if you don’t know Warner’s story, Webb could be the next “Rocky,” story.

      I have thought from the first days Joe Webb arrived at the MN Vikings camp that he was a victim of prejudice. It’s true that Joe spoke with southern flair, and also did not have the best English. But I don’t think he ever got a good shot at being a QB at MN or in college at UAB.

      That is sad, unfortunately for the Vikings, Joe Webb might be the next Superstar IN THIS LEAGUE!

      • Good news, Fred, at least somebody had the brains to see what Webb can do if given a REAL chance. Next is Jared Allen………….

        Since the Viking are great at throwing millions at Peterson, (who would like to play for Dallas) But are too cheap to pay another GOOD player, Then so be it.

        Would like to see Jared Allen picked up by Seattle. Join Harvin and get a SB ring…….

  2. I’ve been shopping around for a used truck and I’ve been looking on Craigslist. Now I know I’m not a perfect speller but some of these people that advertise need to repeat grades 1 through 12…

  3. I’m worried.
    I know the defense last year was terrible and I understand it needs to be strengthened but, we can’t just ignore the offense. If you stand pat, you actually go backwards. We lost Toby and Carlson and we haven’t added ANYTHING to replace them or to improve the offensive line. I hope that we pick up something in the draft – maybe a guard. Aren’t there any free agents on the offensive side that could add value?

    • Preach it Cariboo! We need some maulers on that offensive line not pussycats like Charlie Johnson. I still think we need an outside receiver other than Patterson but this draft is meant to be the deepest WR class ever so maybe wait. Our offense showed promise but it will never roar until its led by a real QB *cough Favre cough* SEND

  4. Listened to Zimmer on KFAN yesterday and he was saying that Michael Johnson was basically choosing between going with Zimmer or being close to his family. Vikes were willing to add both him and Griffen. Also said Derek Cox had a terrible season and he wants to see if he can help “resurrect his career.” Doesn’t sound promising, no guarantees he makes the roster. Definitely still in the CB market.

    • Jury is still deliberating– one thing is certain, we have a coach with some fire– Chilly had fire, but was not adored by the players– and he got us within a play of the Super Bowl. I am optimistic Zimmer has the right blend of igniting fire and commanding respect.

  5. Yes Titus and “the one play away” play wasn’t Chilly’s fault. I believe the onus landed on (gasp) Mr. Favre.
    I think the bigger question is, can Zimmer replace Bud Grant as the greatest coach of the Norse? Them are some big shoes!

  6. Here’s a question for y’all, I don’t have the answer but the answer may be a clue as to who our QB draft choice may be.
    Who of the top five QB prospects style & strengths is the most like Matt Cassel?

    • You still need to compare the loss of Gerhart and other free agents to the additions we’ve made including Joseph and Munnerlyn. It looks like we’ve added more talent to the team than we will have lost to other teams. At this point, it doesn’t look like we’ll get compensatory picks in 2015 either.

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