Scrollz part whatever number we are on

The other post was pretty full, but I don’t have anything to write right now.
I guess you all can enjoy this awesome gif:BL Revy endless barrage

Please avoid pissing off the gun toting crazy chick.

104 comments on “Scrollz part whatever number we are on

  1. The team has made a lot of good moves this offseason, including bringing back Griffen, Berger, Evans and Cassel, adding Joseph, Munnerlyn and Cox, cutting Guion and Carlson, and reducing the salaries of Greenway, Felton and Sanford.

    But the team has also made a number of questionable moves. The first was releasing WR Greg Childs who was showing promise to come back from his knee injury and is still on a cheap rookie contract. That was followed by bringing back Brinkley, and re-signing Simpson. But these moves pale in comparison to the re-signing of Charlie Johnson on a contract that would make a person think that he had some sort of respectable skillset. At this point in his career, with how unsuccessful he has been Johnson should be selling used cars! What was the team thinking???

  2. Parody you can’t be too drunk, your spelling is still good. And for the record I agree with your disgust with Johnson. Questioned Guion, am ok with Simpson ( he did as much for the Vikings as Harvin did for the Shawks for a fraction of the $$) but it seems like we’re loading up on some proven clinkers. Like I said earlier, Zimmer must see something we don’t.

    • I’m so sick of seeing these drafts saying that we’re going to reach for Carr. While I agree that Carr has the traits for Turner’s offense, we’d be wasting a lot of value by picking him at 8. Unless we trade back at least into the late teens, (or he lasts into the 2nd round) Carr is off the table.

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