Team building

During FA teams usually pick up guys to fill holes with established guys. This doesn’t always work out seeing how there are a great many FA busts like how the Vikings recently overpaid Carlson who only lasted 2 years into his 5 year contract. Preferably a team would build through the draft and resign their own guys, so they  would have more knowledge about the players inner workings and if that player will continue to improve, instead of bringing in guys who are getting paid for possibly just being an impressive cog that only fits their former teams. While I am happy that we resigned DE Griffen and brought in NT Joseph, they are only the first few pieces to the puzzle that Zimmer is building to have continual success. Now with a good core of players in place it is time to look forward to the draft and find some difference makers.

116 comments on “Team building

      • I’m confused at who we think he’s going to turn great. Josh Robinson? Fred Evans? Larry Dean? We have a lot of holes and no depth. I’m not willing to crown Zimmer before we even play a game.

      • Yes, even if we add Henry Melton as well. Captain is 100% a nickel corner he is too small to play outside so currently our 2nd corner is Josh Robinson :S So now we have to spend a high draft pick on a corner that will struggle all season. So many needs, so many needs.

        • Perhaps…..perhaps not.

          Did Smith struggle all season his rookie year? We could get lucky enough again.

          We’re NOT superbowl bound this year, but consider this – had we played Cassel all season last year we’d have been in the playoffs with the team we had.

          Our biggest hole last year (aside from a QB who would be better suited serving fries with that) was our secondary. If they shore that up we could be right in it.

          • We just missed our chance to shore it up though. Smith is a safety he’s not asked to shut down receivers like Rhodes. I like what we’re doing on the defensive line but our secondary is no better if not worse then what it was last year. Cook is light years better then Robinson and Cook sucks! We HAD to sign a starting corner, Spielman whiffed on this one.

  1. Remember last offseason when we cut Winfield and you were all like “its ok Josh Robinson can play nickel” and I was like “NO F%#@^%@ WAY” and then ya’ll were like “its ok Erin Henderson can play ILB” and I was like “NO F%$#@%%^ WAY” and then ya’ll were like “its ok I think Ponder can be as good as Drew Brees” and I was like “NO F$#@%^% WAY!”

    Sometimes being positive doesn’t help the team at all. Sometimes you just need to put players on the field that can get it done.

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Can’t remember the last time MN made this much headway so fast in Free Agency. Signs of good things to come. New management has a “We’re not f*cking around” mentality.

    Can’t wait to see the magic in the Draft. We are going to get better by leaps and bounds this year.

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