It’s starting soon…

This weekend is the start of Free Agency. The Vikings have a lot of players heading into FA but very few of them are actually worth bring back for next season. Those who are FA are: DE Griffen, QB Cassel, HB Gerhart DE Allen, DT Williams, DT Evans, OLB Bishop, CB Cook, LB Henderson, WR Simpson, QB Freeman, CB Sherels, OG Johnson,  WR Joe Webb, OT\G Webb, CB Jefferson, OG\C Berger, LB Mitchell, LB Dean, OG Olsen, and OT Kropog. Out of all those only a few are likely to be brought back, seeing as some of the better ones have aged more than they are worth and some just plainly suck with a few likely earning a starting gig elsewhere (Gerhart) and some older guys who will move on to those not going through a youth movement (Allen and Williams). To be honest outside of Griffen none those listed are likely to be sought after highly by the Vikings front office but a few likely will remain as special team studs and rotational guys. The good thing with most of these guys leaving is the fact that it will open the cap space to bring in a high caliber guy such as CB Verner or CB Vontae Davis. Now you may say I am over looking Cassel but I believe without a doubt he will be back with a slight raise as a mentor to the future franchise QB who is picked in the draft (Garoppolo).

Who should we bring back? Who should we bring in?

137 comments on “It’s starting soon…

  1. I’d like to see griffin, Cook & sherels brought back for the right price. Cook is not terrible and this new coaching staff might even make him GOOD. If not he’s a solid depth guy.

  2. Griff and Cassel for sure. Anybody else I would only want to see return if they turn out to be bargain depth players. (Cook could be a bargain due to his off field issues, and overall ineffectiveness on the field thus far).

    Verner should be a top target in free agency. Michael Johnson could be a target too.

    • Waste of time. They would essentially be abolishing the 2-point conversion. It would be better if they went with their first idea to make TDs an automatic 7 points, unless a team elected “go for 2” – as the phrase currently is.

  3. Unlike Walter Payton “peterson”A.K.A “YO ADRIAN” will score a TOUCHdown in the SUPER BOWL ____ALL restpect “2”payton__________none 4 “DUH bears_____yep CHIcago has the “MICKcutler” not very tastey”SORRY 4 SUCH A RANT”

  4. If a person staged dog fights because it was the only way for him to survive, perhaps I could understand it. Vick tortured and killed these animals because HE ENJOYED IT.
    If he QB’s the Vikings, I will not watch them.

  5. I am not sure what I think of Vick– I can get past his crimes because I have to extend grace to others– it is mandated by my faith, lest I am above anyone else– we all fall short. If he has changed his ways and is truly sorry (and not sorry for being caught) , I would be okay with him– but Shawn made a good point about injuries. I saw on ESPN today that Vick has not played a full 16 games in a season since 2006 in Atlanta. That could be an issue. I do see a very strong possibility of Vick coming here– it would fit in with the MO of the Wilfs– Favre, McNabb, and now Vick. Getting rid of Fraser upset AD— and I could see the Wilfs wanting to make AD happy. I wonder what Norv thinks– that could be the deciding factor.

  6. I think we’re in a pickle with our F/A’s. I mean, do we really know their potential at this point? Most of them have only been coached by the 3 Stoodges and I’d be willing to bet that one or two of the players we release will rise. I think we’re gonna be the Cheifs of 2014 personally but there’s gonna be a lot of tough decisions between now and then. Good thing we’ve got Bud Grant II at the wheel. Yes, I said it first!

    • Bring him here! It would solve a big problem with the secondary, but we still have a bigger problem to solve with the front-7. Greenway’s getting less effective, we don’t know who our other 2 LBs are going to be, and we only have a solid idea of who 2 of the starting DLinemen will be. That’s 4 starting positions that are HUGE question marks!

    • I didn’t think any players could be negotiating at this time, and weren’t allowed to sign until Tuesday, (unless they weren’t in the league last year). I guess that only applies to players whose contracts ended naturally.

      • Its because he wasnt a free agent. He was waived. So every team has a shot in the order of worst to first before he officially becomes a free agent. At least thats how I understand it.

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