Just came 20 minutes ago. THANK YOU HCG !!!(I even tipped the homing turtle) !!!

IT’S HERE !!!!!!!!!!

By novascotiavike

136 comments on “IT’S HERE AND IT’S GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!

    • I was thinking the same thing. This guy is probably the only person who has Carr graded as a talent worthy of such a high pick. The later rounds look a little bit better, but he still doesn’t address the DLine which is on the verge of losing 2 pro bowlers.

    • Can’t argue with that. I like Carr over Manziel too. I’m hoping the Jags take Manziel with the #3 pick so we don’t have to worry about him falling to us. Guys I’d take at #8 would be Bortles, Bridgewater, Clowney, Mack and maybe Barr, Ealy or Mosley. If we’re getting anybody else, we should be able to nab them after trading down.

    • That’s a horrible database. The three guys who don’t have us picking Carr don’t have Carr getting selected at all. The Cardinals would be wise to pick him up if he’s still around. And this shows that the Browns could probably get a lot more value in the first round if they waited until their second pick to get a QB. Of course, I never seem to agree with the picks from the CBS page.

    • MEziel will go Top 5 to the Jags (because passing on a QB is worse then missing on one), Browns (Lying through their teeth about Carr love. Why do I say this? Because they are unwilling to take him at 4), or Texans (take the Texas boy over the Florida kid because Texas loves their own).

  1. 49erS “R” draftIng “A” quarterback ith ther “FIRST” round pick.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    IS WILL harbaugh pick his evil twin “Garoppolo”OR” Carr
    Who will be left on the board ___100%___ niners will

  2. Honestly, we have seen games where Ponder played well–seriously. Think of that fourth down touchdown throw backpedaling while a 49er defender closed in on him? Ponder can play the position– we all know he was never developed right– McNabb was his mentor rookie year? Musgrave his coach? Come on! Turner might coach and push Ponder into a decent QB. Laugh all you want.

    • The problem with ponder is that he can’t make all the throws and he knows it. He has no confidence in his arm and Spielman should have been able to see this before he was drafted. Every other analyst did.

  3. Almost reminds me of “FARVE” when he was young you would hold well older younger always hold your breath,Ponder has better feet “SHIT” ponder is a bus driver_____________put “n” a race car. STrickly on a blond DIET

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