I was going to use a John Deere photo but I don’t really care for their colors…

By vegasvike

69 comments on “COMBINE SOON

  1. Is there an analogy between the harvesting combine and the NFL combine?
    Do both take in raw product and winnow out the chaff?
    Do both take in green and spit out green (read $$$$$)?
    I bet the corn isn’t as keen on going into the combine as the players are.

  2. Son of a whore and twice as ugly.
    This weather sucks balls. Gets all nice and warm so the ice melts. Then is freezes over night so slipping ensues. Followed by more melting and freezing and now snow so no the heavily iced areas will be nice and covered.

    End weather rant.

    • I can’t speak for Titus, but I’m pretty sure he would insist that you tell us what the page length requirement was. If it was supposed to be 50 pages long, it would take a very fickle professor to drop the grade at all. On the other hand, if the requirement was 1 page, you’ll be lucky to get a C.

    • Parody said it all– how long is the paper supposed to be? If it is one page and you are missing 75%, we have a problem. I think length requirements are ridiculous, to be honest. They should be a general guideline to give scope, but not the focus or aim of your endeavor. Let the content form the length!

        • So you were almost 25% below the page requirement? I don’t believe in fluff, but then again, most topics can be expanded way beyond four pages– the problem for your professor is twofold– one he or she probably thinks you did not commit the energy and time to the assignment. AND, it is one of fairness– all the students are asked to meet certain basic requirements. Unless you wrote a masterpiece, I can see where your prof might take off some points– hopefully not a lot, but some.

  3. Titus, if I were to write a research paper on why pot should be legalized in SD would the following things make for a decent way to from it: Talk about its medical benefits, compare it to the ending of prohibition from a taxing position (increased state revenue), talk about potential ways to implement it similar to the Colorado law, and not sure of others.
    While I don’t really care about pot it is the only issue that I can currently think of. Can any of you think about something that would be interesting to write about?

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