Snowboards, Skis, and…Football

From the Half-Pipe to the Alpine to Irish’s obsession with figure skating, football is officially on the back burner. We have our coaching staff, the combine is coming soon, then Free Agency and finally the Draft in May. Vikings football is quietly formulating a plan for the upcoming season as we, the fans can only crawl forward, day by day and consume other avenues of the sporting industry…perhaps a PURPLE outfit on the Olympic ice?

By vikingology

149 comments on “Snowboards, Skis, and…Football

    • That’s pretty optimistic. I don’t think that any GM wants to trade for a QB unless he believes the guy is going to be his starter, his franchise man. Ponder clearly is not going to get that kind of respect regardless of what Norv can do with him, and teams will wait to talk to him in free agency – if at all.

  1. Am I the only one up watching USA vs SLOVAKIA!?! Parise & Suter need to win gold for Minnesota and then bring us the Stanley cup and Granlund leads Finland to a silver and Niederiter gets Switzerland the bronze am I dreaming probably in my honest and humble opinion SEND

  2. Drove across the city earlier on 94 and was able to look at the dome– you can see through the top sections of the walls — looks like demolition is going well. Woe is me, to see that building of so many memories decaying before mine eyes. Not. SEND.

  3. I once met an agent for Chuck Norris and he told me Chuck couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag, but he was determined and finally found his niche. Segal annoys me, Norris is cooler, he was smart enough to go into infomercials with bikini clad women.

  4. Okay, so it was a mixed vote on Norris and Seagall. Personally, I think Norris is a little more humble– neither one is a great actor– I think that is a fair conclusion. Norris sure could kick butt, though- read his fighting career—the real stuff, not in the movies.

    • Seahawks are here for a while, no question. But we have a coach who won’t sit back and watch us lose week after week. Ponder will only play if he shows he can win. Turner and Zimmer have something to prove– trust me. Can you say NFC North Champs?

  5. Hey duders. Im back. My mission is complete. Gotta work tonite though (lame).

    Nova, your gay uzbeki bestiality necrophiliac porn is on the way. Should be there in a week or less bud.

    Well crap, time to get ready for work, got a big rock and roll show tonite. Skol gents!

  6. PARODY you were dead on with Arnold executing his job in Twins. No way Stallone pulls that off.

    Dude he was Conan the Barbarian, Governor of California, Mr Universe, and pulled off Twins. He also fingered Irish behind the furnace.

  7. ^^^Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are polar opposites when it comes to the martial arts approach onscreen…I was friends with a girl (back east when I was a kid) who was a cousin of Bruce Lee’s and she said his focus and concentration were off the charts when he performed-it just so happened that occasionally he was filmed for movies.

    • ……jumping off the PC cliff……

      Aren’t they ALL cousins of Bruce Lee?

      Disclaimer: I do not subscribe to this way of thinking, I just saw opportunity for yet another tasteless joke…..Really…..I had a Chinese girlfriend once – she was Bruce’s 17th cousin on his gardener’s side.

  8. ^^Sean Connery is one bad-ass dude, and easily the best of the James Bonds’.
    Stallone’s only great movie was Rocky-the original.
    Arnold had a lot more success on the big screen…The Terminator series alone were better the any of Sly’s movies.

  9. ^Although Swayze has made a few classic movies, I’d have to say Travolta. He is an incredible talent and can play any role given to him. Besides that, Grease is one of my all-time favorite movies.
    I’ve also been told by people who have met Travolta that he is a very genuine person.

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