Keep it in the Family

the new Vikings coaching staff has been announced, and to nobody’s surprise, Norv Turner has been officially declared as the offensive coordinator. With him, he is taking his son Scott Turner who coached with him last year in Cleveland as a WR coach and converting him into the new QB coach of the Vikings. On the other side of the ball, head coach Mike Zimmer has appointed his own son Adam Zimmer as the coach of the linebackers.

Returning coaches are Jeff Davidson on the offensive line, George Stewart with the WRs, Kevin Stefanski – converting to TE coach, Jeff Howard as a Defensive Assistant, and both special teams coaches Mike Preifer and Ryan Ficken. Other new coaches include Kirby Wilson, running backs coach, Klint Kubiak, assistant wide receivers coach, Drew Petzing, offensive coaching assistant, George Edwards, defensive coordinator, Jerry Gray, defensive backs coach,Andre Patterson, defensive line coach (coached DL for the Vikings back in the 90s), Jonathan Gannon, assistant defensive backs coach, and Robb Akey, assistant defensive line coach.

Of the new guys, many of them have coached with Zimmer before. This was a tactic that former Vikings coaches, such as the beloved Brad Childress, have utilized when putting their own staffs together and they have been criticized for not trying harder to find other coaches who had better success in the past. Will the practice be frowned upon now for a coach who the fans wanted, or will they overlook the fact that he is employing the same tactics that they criticized the less popular coaches for employing?

143 comments on “Keep it in the Family

  1. This goes against all my values and beliefs and maybe it’s the crack cocaine I just took but we need Johnny manziel…

    Nope can’t do it. May as well draft justin bieber they are the same guys SEND

  2. Just found out I’m flying to Bermuda tomorrow…..for a funeral.

    A great friend of 45 years passed away today, and one story bears relating…..

    About 35 years ago, while sitting in his backyard with him and his wife ( where he grew peppers…. red, yellow, etc.) and having to fly back to Halifax the next day, I was in a surly mood.
    We were drinking Black Seal and I was complaining about the fact that while Americans are allowed 5 fifths of booze to bring back with them, Canadians are only permitted 1 40 ouncer. He announced that he had an idea….

    We drove to the hardware store, where I purchased 6 large Mason jars, then to the liquor store and loaded up on Black Seal. Back at his house, I filled up the jars with rum and after throwing a few peppers in each one, duct taped the lids on.
    Walking through Customs in Halifax, I was asked :
    “What have you got there, sir” ?…..I replied “Pickled peppers”.
    “Go right through, sir”.
    I pulled this trick at least once a year right up until 9-11, when our middle-eastern buddies changed everything.

    God, I miss him already.

  3. I realize Norv was just being polite and Ponder has absolutely no shot I mean seriously lol but this franchise is so far past Ponder that for even making the comment he should be given his first strike and fined.

  4. Why is this Michael Sam thing such a big deal and why is America so homophobic? We’ve had gay football players for DECADES no one is religious so no one gives a shit…If they can play they can play why would a team atmosphere be corrupted? Everyone knew Ian Roberts was gay but he was the toughest son of a bitch in the league everyone feared him.

  5. Fred Jones – The Vikes didn’t cut Cassel, last year he signed a two year deal with an option for both sides to opt out of the second year. He opted out, thinking he can get close to starter money. We’ll probably end up signing him again.

  6. I’m starting to believe we should just trade our 2nd round pick for Kirk Cousins and use our 1st on Khalil Mack. At least we know Cousins can play and has a ton of upside. SEND

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