120 comments on “it’s Nova’s birthday!

  1. HCG…..Don’t let Terry Rist see this one. I know how easily he gets excited.

    A lot of people asked me today how old I was. My reply is….”When I was growing up, Canada used the Fahrenheit scale. Now we use Celsius. I’m 13 Celsius…..YOU figure it out”.

  2. I just made the mistake of going to vikings.com, thinking I may see some off season news to lift my football spirits. UGH! You would never guess what I saw on the first slide of the home page slideshow– Six Takeaways from the Super Bowl 48. Does Wobbles have a thing for arithmetic? Is it a fetish?

  3. Thanks, amigo !……HCG, on a side note, if you drink enough rum and then place your Wobsprairiedog mug in the microwave for 2 minutes or more, his goofy smile disappears and he then writhes in pain and screams while the prairie dogs gleefully dance around him.

    Granted, I might be hallucinating or this is just wishful thinking, but it sure is fun to see.

  4. While Cassel has chosen to void his 2014 option, don’t count on this meaning that he’s done in Minnesota. At this point it seems more likely that he knows he is the favorite choice to be the starter, at least for the next year, and wants to get a bigger paycheck out of it.

    • Most likely. And why not? He probably will be our starter for at least the first quarter of the season, maybe longer. He deserves a Favre-like contract. Sign him up for $20 million right now! Come on Zygi. Don’t let him get away.

  5. Favre-like? Maybe not, but take a look at some of the contracts signed by other QBs. These are guys who hadn’t yet had any success with the team that signed them.

    Jackson, $8M, 2 years. 2011, Seattle.
    Matt Flynn, $26M, 3 years. 2012, San Fran.
    Kevin Kolb, $63M, 5 years. 2011, Arizona.

    Cassel had signed a 2-year, $7.4M contract with the Vikings. A lower net than any of the contracts above. Cassel has proven that he is worthy of being a starter, while the other three players mentioned were run out of town. With this evidence, Cassel would be stupid to not expect more money.

  6. Oh come on guys. Johnny football maybe selfish, but he is 20 years old. So only three years older than Irish and Roger:).

    And he hasnt been raping anyone that I heard of, so we already got the steelers beat.

    It isn’t like our past team members have all been …. shit I still cant say the word that starts with s and ends with aints.

    Anyhow, the stupid kid will mature hopefully, and he will literally die trying to win(see Favre). And as one very wise blogger once said, shouldn’t people get a second chance?***(totally paraphrasing)

    I just dont want Carr. I love lamp. I dont love Carr.

    • Umm…less accuracy? No. With any programming language, if you are inaccurate it will not do what you want it to. If you’re looking for something that is easier to understand, I’d go with .Net. It is much more like English language than any other programming language I’ve dealt with, so it’s simpler to understand what the commands are doing. However, C# seems to be the most widely used language, so if you’re looking to get into the profession, it would do you good to get a strong understanding of that language.

  7. I’ve been a vikes fan for almost 30 years,and im so tired of having old or bad QBs. I would like Speilman to move up to the number 2 spot and let Turner pick his QB.We’re way over do for a young star franchise QB!!!

  8. I wish Kluwe would just SHUT THE F%$K UP. His act is getting very tired. He was on Canadian television a couple of weeks ago, the guy never met a camera he didn’t like.
    He talked himself out of the NFL and now he’s trying to talk himself into some TV ‘hard-hitting’ journalistic career.
    Dry up and blow away.

  9. I just watched that blurb of Norv’s and I thought– wow, we went from Musgrave to a top notch OC. How did such a 180 degree turn happen? Zimmer and our organization must have appeal for some reason. I think we will have a good season this fall.

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