I’m sure that I speak for all the VFB guys and gals in wishing you and yours safe passage through these rough waters.

By novascotiavike


  1. Actually, we use loonies and toonies here. Loonies will only get you into bathrooms. This is a remnant from our British heritage – the British call bathrooms “loos” – so that is why we call them loonies. Toonies arev worth twice as much as a loonie – so they are good for getting into two bathrooms – sequentially not parallely. After you use it for the first bathroom, the attendant marks it so that you can’t scam three bathrooms out of it. This establishes the value of our money. Of course, the value fluctuates quite a bit as the value of getting into bathrooms fluctuates. For instance, the value rises in the winter when getting into a heated bathroom is more butt-friendly but drops in the summer when you can just use a latrine-tree. The tough part about our currency is establishing exchange rates with other countries’ currencies. We have a humungous government agency that sends teams out to other countries to establish the relative value of the other countries’ currencies’ bathroom value. These teams are highly trained in covert surveillance of bathrooms because we really don’t want the methodology of our currency valuation to be understood by other countries. Uh, just a minute – the RCMP at knocking on my door – I wonder what they want?

  2. Novadamus sees it 30-17 Denver.

    After the game, Dick Sherman announces that he will run in the Kentucky Derby.
    He wins by 12 lengths, but is eventually disqualified for failing the drug test.

    Severely depressed after losing both the Super Bowl and the Derby, 3 days later he rants himself to death. His remains are purchased by the Purina dog-food company, who is later successfully sued by an elderly Seattle widow for the fatal poisoning of her 17 chihuahuas.

    The widow, a Mrs. Holly Starbucks (wearing a #12 Seahawk jersey with ‘Fan’ on the back), will be quoted as saying……”You know, I used to be a big fan of his,….until he went and killed my precious Brutus and King Kong and Hercules and Sampson and…”

    Novadamus sees all, tells all…..

  3. I think Seattle has the edge in defense, but Broncos are pretty good there, too– look at what they did to Brady and Co. They shut down Brady– I think they can shut down Wilson. Can they shut down the run game, though, and contain Percy? It should be a close game and a heck of a match-up. I think it comes down to half-time adjustments– who has the better coaching staff? It is too close to call. I am choosing Denver just because I like the team better and they way they conduct themselves.

  4. I only spent a total of a few days in Atlanta, Titus , so this is by no means a thorough ‘scouting report’.
    (From Wiki),,,,,,,,Atlanta was recently ranked (October 2012) as the sixth most dangerous city in the United States among cities of about more than 200,000 residents. According to Forbes the city has a violent crime rate of 1,433 per 100,000 and has experienced a violent crime rate rise of six percent in 2011. A reason for that is, amongst others, that Atlanta is lying on major drug trafficking routes and has suffered disproportionally from the financial crisis after 2008. Forbes claims FBI’s “Uniform Crime Reports” database as the source.

    Reasons against
    (1) Crime….See above
    (2) Traffic….Insane
    (3) Humidity… almost Belizian
    (4) Airport…World’s busiest, but efficiently run
    (5) Baseball team chokes every year

    Reasons for
    (1) Women….Beautiful, ‘Southern Belles’ with accents that get me hornier than a 3-balled cat
    (2) Weather….If you subtract the humidity
    (3) Food….Great restaurants, I love Southern food
    (4) Close to Bermuda

    • Whoa, didn’t know that about the crime. I have only been there in the airport– once or twice, don’t recall. I spent some time in Charleston. S.C. on a scouting trip for a possible move, but it did not seem a good place for cycling. I know two people from my church who moved there– one I know fairly well and I am asking her– she has lived there now for at least 6 months. She is a big time attorney, though, so maybe the crime helps her practice? I think she likes it there. The average high in January is 52 compared to 21 in Minneapolis– so that is definitely a plus.

  5. Back from my walkabout feeling so much better (despite losing my leg). Titus even I know Atlanta is a dump if you do HAVE to move you should be moving to Iowa/Dakota because that’s an acceptable distance for me.

    Seattle wins 31-22 Percy wins the game and we all feel empty inside 😦

    I also have VERY exciting news. Former Minnesota Viking Pat Williams and I will be starring in a Broadway adaptation of the ‘Blindside’ here is the first promotional poster. Hope you can all make it!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  6. Spent a week in the dirty south, Titus. I was downtown ATL, so the homeless and begging was unreal, couldn’t walk two feet without getting asked for money. Public transport was pretty rough too. I think if you were in one of the nice burbs around ATL it would be great though, the weather was awesome, and as Nova mentioned, SOUTHERN BELLS. Personally, I wouldn’t leave the twin cities for it though.

  7. I remember the airport at Atlanta when I was younger-I took the concourse train to the terminal and when the doors opened to the train a robotic voice welcomes you…the voice was identical to the Cylons on the original Battlestar Gallactica.

  8. I think this will be a low scoring game-13-10 16-13 in OT. Thanks to Sherman and his ranting he has painted the Seahawks in a “bad guy” image…although I am all for a team that has never won the SuperBowl, Sherman has made it difficult to root for the Seahags.

    Final score- Denver 16-13 0ver Seattle.

  9. If it was not for the whole light at the end of the tunnel talk that Manning has done alittle while ago I would go with the Seachicks but it looks like it will be another one of those story book endings the NFL loves so much, like Ray Lewis final tour last year and the Aints in 09 as well as the underdog Giants beating the unbeaten Pats.

  10. Thank you everyone for your input on the big move. Thankfully, I do know at least one transplant down there– so I can get some inside info– but I forgot to look at crime. I guess I believe every area has crime and if you know the area, you generally know where to go and can stay relatively safe. I definitely would not just pick up and go without spending at least a couple weeks scouting on the ground.

    • The one of the main reasons some of you hate the Seahawks is because the Vikings had such a crappy season you have to take your hatred out on the Seahawks. Also that they got THREE of the best Viking players on their team…….. Seahawks coach made a statement that he does not build a winning team around just ONE player. Read Vikings
      Adrian Peterson.

      I told you people at the start of the 2013 season that both Seattle and Denver would be in the Super Bowl… Most of you thought I was way out of touch…

      Just watched Percy Harvin return a 87 yard touchdown…Take that you Harvin haters.
      Game isn’t over yet, GO SEAHAWKS!!!.

  11. “Super Bowl XLIX will be played in Glendale, Ariz., next February, and the Minnesota Vikings open as 100 to 1 shots to get there, according to the odds released by the Las Vegas Hotel.”

    So………what you’re saying is, there’s a chance!!!! YESSSS!!!!

  12. My guess is Ponder gets another look, not as the chosen one but an opportunity to compete. The cost factor is low and he’s not worth much on the open market. Plus there’s the fact that he’s still Ricks boy and last time I checked Rick doesn’t like to be wrong. Anyone?

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