I grew up watching the Vikings play in the snow and cold of the old Met. I LOVE football in these conditions.

Having said that, the Super Bowl should be played in as close to ideal conditions as possible, if for no other reason than the fan’s sake. Paying thousands of $$$$ to freeze and watch sloppy football is Roger Goodell’s brain-dead idea and I hope it costs him his job.

By novascotiavike

186 comments on “WHAT WERE THEY (HE) THINKING ???????

  1. A major storm (no stranger to the New York-New Jersey area this time of year) will make Goodell come under immense criticism for being the arrogant ‘I’m going to keep changing this game to leave my mark on it’ clown that he is.

    • Any fan who pays over $1ooo for the ‘pleasure’ of watching this in a blizzard should automatically be handed a 40 of rum as soon as they enter Giant’s Stadium.
      I know you like snow, GIPF, but that’s because you haven’t spent decades shovelling and driving in it.

      • (Guy on first date)…”What is that fragrance you have splashed on your lovely bosom” ?
        (Girl)…”It’s ‘Eau de Narcissistic Douchebag’ from Le Maison de Plaisir Chanel Soup du Jour Cul-de-Sac…”Do you like it” ?
        (Guy)…”You smell like a Seahawk defensive back”.
        (Girl)….”I’m leaving” !!!!
        (Guy)…” NO !!! WAIT, WAIT !!! I really like it !!!….I used to date Dick Sherman ” !!!!!

  2. I went to the game in TCF Stadium after the roof collapsed. Waiting in line outside the stadium for hours because the seats were first come first served was torture. Getting to the stadium with the limited parking was no picnic either. But even though we got our asses handed to us, that was the most fun I’ve had at a Vikings game, and I’ve been to a few dozen of them.

    So I say BOO to this article! You go to a football game for the LIVE experience. Why should it always hide from the elements? The blizzard games are some of the most entertaining ones to watch. Real football fans would know how to embrace the elements!

    Sure, I haven’t been shoveling the snow nearly as long as Nova, but I’ve lived in this climate my entire life and when it’s someone else doing the shoveling, I LOVE the snow!

    • One of the reasons that I became a Vike fan is BECAUSE they played outdoors, in the freezing cold and snow. I wish that they would continue to play outdoors. Football and it’s fans should not hide from the elements.When I first started watching, there was 1 domed stadium, the Houston Astrodome.
      But I would just hate to see 2 teams that battle their guts out all season long, only to have the Championship game decided because of 8 weather-induced fumbles, 12 yard punts, or the game-winning drive stalling because the wide receiver had been eaten by wolves.(Unless it was Jordy Nelson).
      For 1 game a year.


  4. >>>>>>>>PRO-BOWL UPDATE<<<<<<<>>>>>PRO-BOWL UPDATE<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Midway through the first quarter, it's Team Gray and Electric Green 7 and the Other Team 0.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming, Oprah's 7 keys to keeping weight off.(This program was pre-recorded).

  5. @Nova

    The Pro Bowl? I admit I thought about watching it.

    Perhaps next year they could turn it into a series of athletic contests like passing, running, catching, weightlifting, etc.

    I would like to see who could throw the ball the farthest. Let the OLs, DLs, etc. participate in that too!

    • It was actually half-decent this year. I’m not sure if it was the threat that Goodell made that he would cancel the thing if the players didn’t act like the game mattered, or the extra motivation they got out of playing for two of the greatest players in NFL history, or the novelty of it no longer being NFC vs AFC for the first time, but the game was more competitive this year than it has been for a while.

      • @rogerthevikefan,

        Really? I missed all that. But perhaps you are right it would be too anti-climatic.

        But what would make it workout? Touch Football, Australian Rules Football, Golf?

        I love Australian Rules Football, I wish it was televised more.

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  7. even though i live in NJ,i would rather see the SB played in a dome,retractable roof stadium,or in favorable weather conditions. i can accept bad weather games in the regular season and the playoffs,but the SB is a little too much…

  8. Can I get your thoughts on these game ideas that I may pitch for my one class to make?

    Thanks in advance.

    Dick the game
    Search, collect, analyze, and many more things will take place in Dick the game. You are searching for the man who is hunting your dreams will you find him and if so what will you do with him?

    Shattered: Mysteries of the Mind
    Chris knows what I am taking about but for those of you who are not him let me explain; you are lost and have no idea who or where you are. You must navigate the deepest recesses of you mind in order to find out who you are and what is going on but will you like what you find there is no guarantee.

    College life the game
    Drink, have sex, do drugs, fail tests, and contemplate the meaning of your existence in College life the college experience with less cost. Will you wash out or will you have a future, you will only know if you play.

    Loser the game
    Get shot down, get embarrassed, and realize you suck in Loser the game, where you live the life of a pathetic worm of a man who can do nothing but fail. What will you be able to accomplish? Not very much cuz you know, you suck.

    • I think in College Life – The Game you need to have 2 player options – one for the college student right out of high school, and one for the returning collegiate who has been out in the “real world” for a while. The game is radically different for each one.

      I am extremely grateful that I spent 10 years seeing the world via the Air Force before going to college. I made the most of my college years. In my version, I drank, had a lot of sex (oh…..college was good – not nearly as good as the Air Force, but still good), and passed all my tests, but stayed away from drugs. Had I been forced to continue schooling after graduating high school, I fear it would have been really really bad.

    • In Dick – The Game – do you really mean hunting your dreams, or haunting your dreams? Need more background on the game to make any comments.

      In Shattered – Mysteries of the Mind – is this like a virtual reality version of 20 questions? I like the concept, but sounds like you will have to have all the answers programmed into the system beforehand, and that may take some doing. It’s reminiscent of the TV series Lost.

      Loser – The Game. This is too true to real life. Nobody will drop a quarter to play this.

  9. (From ESPN)……..Wednesday’s NCAA basketball game between Auburn and Alabama has been postponed until Thursday due to winter weather, Auburn announced Tuesday.
    .The rare Southern winter storm dropped more than 3 inches of snow in some areas of north Georgia, while 2.3 inches were recorded at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.

    The governors of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi declared STATES OF EMERGENCY in the wake of the storm. ( I guess that’s because outdoor basketball courts were deemed unusable and the storm could severely affect this year’s moonshine crop. There were also reports of thousands of Pelicans applying for Mexican work visas ).

    2-3 INCHES. That’s a figure that only HCG would brag about. I understand that snow shovels wouldn’t be a big seller in the south, but surely people keep spare toothbrushes to clean off their cars.

  10. I was in northern Alabama when a snow storm came through, more like a ice storm. The snow came down and turned into 5-6 inches of ice on overpasses and a lot of the roads. Plus they don’t have snow removal equipment, you just had to wait it out. I’m not saying it’s worse than a Minnesota snow storm, just different challenges. Like drivers that have no clue.

  11. Roger I have a new game idea….

    You have to keep ur family alive during the great Irish potato famine and when u put on ur skunk tail u get extra potatos just spit balling here I feel it has a lot of potential

  12. Hey guys. I’ve been scarce lately, taking care of my mom. She wasn’t doing so well and finally passed away in her sleep(thank God). So I’m gonna be busy for a little while longer, but I will be checking in on you guys. Thanks again for all the love and support, and the laughs, HCG.

  13. Irish my naked buddy I am sorry to inform you but Loser died a slow painful death today and likely will never be made so looks like you have to end your life.

    Instead Shattered is being made, maybe I can have the Loser persona in the game as a memory of his fallen brother game.

  14. I hate to see this game played in bad weather because it may favor a strong running game and a great defense– and we none of us want Seattle to win. I believe all conditions equal, Denver is the better team.

  15. Just checked the weather – looks like upper 40s and cloudy at the Super Bowl. HA! I remember Bluebird whining a month ago how bad the weather could be and I said– it could be 50. The coasts are a lot milder than this mid continental arctic region we freeze in every year. I may move to the south soon– maybe Atlanta.

  16. Seven months to preseason. I may be an Atlanta citizen by then, though. I doubt I could ever root for the Falcons– something just doesn’t seem right about that team– cannot place a handle on it. Maybe subconscious hatred from the 1998 season?

  17. Ok ya’ll going for a two day hike by myself today, never done this before. If I haven’t resurfaced by Saturday night send the geese. You’d all be shocked at how little I’ve prepared for this (no clothing). Love you guys no fighting SEND

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