Scroll no more

Scroll no more

thought it was time. Nova don’t let Sonja see this…

By vegasvike

92 comments on “Scroll no more

  1. Posted this on the tail end of the last one but I still think it is a reasonable mock draft that will surely improve the Vikings:
    1st round OLB Mack, 2nd round QB Garappolo, 3rd round CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste, 3rd round DT DaQuan Jones, 4th round OG Dakota Dozier, 5th round LB Christian Kirksey, 6th round CB Walt Aikens, 7th BPA preferably a RB.


  2. Can someone explain in a logical way, why it’s a good idea to hire someone who wasn’t a very good (insert position) coach on another team to be your (insert different position) coach???

    Isn’t that like hiring a crappy plumber to run your electric? “Geez Bob, for the last 4 years, you’ve created leaky pipes and flooded basements all across town. Let’s see how you do with wiring my lights.”

  3. Is there any man or woman with the conviction to fully embrace the idea that as we are currently we will not last much longer and willing to take the necessary steps to fix what ails the human race? Can they lead the world from the death pit it currently is circling?
    Or is the human race just a fleeting memory in the vastness that is the universe?

  4. I have a question/suggestion:

    Can this site be inverted so that the newest post sits on top?
    That way, you don’t have to scroll down to see the newest posts. You would only have to scroll down to the newest one you haven’t yet seen and then go back up. It would reduce the necessity to keep coming up with new posts.

  5. (HCG)….”Hello..Wordpress ” ?….”Yeah …I want to have my “site” ” inverted “.
    (WordPress)….” Mr. HCG……..Are you asking for a sex change ” ?????
    (HCG)…..” NNNOOOOO !!!!!!!…., Well,………. how much extra is it ” ??????

  6. I couldn’t find parallelogram, so I decided to take it upon myself to adjust the site to put newest posts on top as requested, but I could not find an option to have the authoring section on the top. So unless you’re replying to someone’s recent post, it looks like everyone will still be stuck scrolling all the way down to the bottom to share their wisdom.

  7. HOLE NEW ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””ZIMMERR””””””””””””””””””” EFFECT”NOT JUST BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE” FUCK PETERSON IS

  8. WHAT IN THE NAME OF CHRIST IS GOING ON ????????????????????

    ARE PEOPLE TOO>>>>>> FUC&!NG LAZY TO USE ONE FINGER TO SCROll<<<<<<<<<??????????????




  9. I have to agree with Nova on this one. And since nobody commented on the change in a positive manner in the 3 hours it was active, I have to assume that the majority agrees that it was better in the classic format. So back to what looks right!

  10. Missed the change completely Parody, sounds like I’m glad it did. My tablet won’t load the larger blogs so I embrace the new ones. Nova, I just got a new TV and as far as I can see, there is no way to turn it on or off without the remote. I may have to read the owners manual.

    • How are his skills in the slot? I think the perfect scenario would be to have a guy who is an upgrade on the outside over Robinson, but who will also move into the slot for Nickel packages and let Robinson come in on the outside where his skills are better suited.

      • YES! This playa can play! Verner is an outside guy though not much experience inside. He has much better hip flexibility then Robinson so I don’t see why he can’t play nickel.

  11. I know that this is an NFL site, but I have to rant for a minute about another sport.
    I used to be a big fan of the NHL…..until it watered down its product, changed its rules, appointed an arrogant little bitch as commissioner, gave playoff berths to every team whose plane didn’t crash in the regular season (which runs roughly 11 1/2 months), and tries to get you excited about a Columbus-Nashville game in March.

    A few years ago they held their first outdoor regular season game. It was a HUGE success. So the NHL, in its wisdom (greed) has scheduled SIX (6) outdoor games this year, including one in that hotbed of outdoor hockey rinks, Los Angeles.

    Apparently the NHL has never heard “Too Much Of A Good Thing”. Why not play ALL the games outdoors for the next twenty years and then switch back to indoor games. Then THEY will be a novelty.

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