Vikings-West Headed to the Super Bowl

The greatest time of the year is finally just around the corner.  With the champions of the AFC and NFC now decided, we are now all waiting anxiously for Super Bowl Sunday.  We’ll have to sit through a grueling 2 weeks of listening to breakdowns and projections of what each team has to offer, what players are going to shine and who will disappoint.  We’ll be wading past the stench of what the Pro Bowl has become, and listening to early predictions of the who won the most important award of the day – the funniest super bowl commercial.

Finally the day will come and you will get to watch your beloved Vikings-West take on Peyton Manning and his Ponies on a battle between the best defense and the best offense of the NFL.  Former Vikings players, such as Heath Farwell (1, maybe 2 special teams tackles), Tarvaris Jackson (pro-bowl benchwarmer skills), Sidney Rice (Injured Reserve) and Percy Harvin (1 catch, then ruled out of the game due to injury after getting his tongue stuck to the Metlife Stadium goalpost).  And of course, former Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave will show us all how great he can be at calling running plays, just so long as he has the #1 defense in the NFL to take the pressure off.

So, Vikings faithful, which team will you be rooting for?  The one that boasts all the great players and coaches who we let slip away, or the one that simply boasts good players and coaches all around?  Frankly, I’m rooting for the Broncos.  How can anyone not want them to win after watching Richard Sherman’s victory speech? 

100 comments on “Vikings-West Headed to the Super Bowl

  1. Here is a little of what I saw during the Senior Bowl South day 2 practice:
    QB Derek Carr Fresno State
    Mike Mayock comments on very little success on intermediate passes. says a majority of his passes were bubble screens during the season. Low pass off the play action, awkward ball placement when feet are not set.
    Derek Carr is said to have meet with a Vikings’ scout.
    QB Jimmy Garappolo Eastern Illinois University
    Mayock and Charles Davis love his quick compact delivery, also Davis comments on how well built he is and his above average hand size at 9 inches. The ball really jumps to his WRs, good velocity. An amazing play when he rifles the ball between two defenders (LB and CB) going into the wind with ease.
    HB Lorenzo Teliaferro Coastal Carolina
    Impressive in LB blocking drills, great technique led to him stonewalling the bigger LBs, frustrated FSU LB Telvin Smith.

    • If they really want to add some flavor to the game, increase risk-reward factor, and force teams to improve their strategery, they should adjust the point value on field goals.

      Anything under 20 yards is 1 pt.
      20-29 yards = 2pts.
      30-39 yards = 3 pts.
      40-49 yards = 4 points.
      50-59 yards = 5 points.
      60+ = 6 points.

      Talk about game-changing strategy!!!

  2. i’m stuck between who to root for. would like to see bandwagon 49er fans suffer more with a Seahawks win,but would like to see the Broncos win because i think Champ Bailey deserves a trophy. oh what the hell,i have to go with….the VIKINGS !!!

  3. I have a real dilemma and was hoping some of my blogger buddies could help. Concerning the Pro Bowl, should I…
    (a) Cheer for Team Rice
    (b) Cheer for Team Sanders
    (c) Play with this. Sonja won’t let me have a cat.

  4. “Troy Aikman quarterbacked for two years and was frankly bad. He ranked last in the league in adjusted net yards per attempt in his rookie year (a bad mark, even for a rookie). Then he ranked second-to-last the next year, an abysmal mark for a quarterback out of his rookie year. Then, in his first year with Turner, he ranked 11th.”

    Sounds like Ponder may still have a chance. Scary, huh?

    • Either that, or see if Turner can do a little magic with Joe Webb. Have a ? for you.

      The 49er QB has shown that he can run foe big gains and TD’s out of the pocket.
      Joe has proven he can throw the long one on target ( Eagles/Viking game) and run very good when he had too. Just maybe, I said maybe, Zimmer will give him a chance. Or, maybe dreaming up some plays using Joe in the back field as a receiver, suddenly he becomes a QB throwing to Peterson on the right corner, and let Pete bulldoze his way in for touchdowns!

      Just saying.

  5. Stuff from the North Team day 3
    Zack Martin OT\G Notre Dame
    Stonewalled Trent Murphy and again. He lays the speedy Michael Sam out. He with stands the power of DaQuan Jones while playing OG
    Aaron Donald DT Pitt
    He gets easy push initially. He overpowers the way bigger Richardson and speed. If he was bigger (6′ 290lbs) he would be a Top 10 pick.
    DaQuan Jones DT Penn State
    He makes Cyril Richardson look pathetic. Pushes his man into the lap of the QB.
    Justin Ellis DT LATech
    He has great speed for a big man (6’2 350lbs). Pushed the OG back with ease and again.

    One thing I that I know has been solidified in my mind is the Vikings should avoid Richardson like the plague.

  6. This weather SUCKS. Ski resorts are still closed. Huge drought. Was working yesterday in a t shirt. I am hearing frogs outside, and my apple trees are sprouting. Now there is a fire weather warning?

    And six weeks ago it was -15°F.

  7. When the Brown’s interview Manziel, he will sabotage his own interview. I can hear it now…”you guys can’t even find a coach, you expect me to come to this disaster of a team.”
    Fast forward to draft…Minnesota stands pat at #8 and selects Johnny Football.

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