The 2nd step

The Vikings now have a HC and he is assembling his coaching which will be announced when it is fully filled it is time to move onto the draft. The 1st step of the process took place last week during the East-West Shrine game where Jimmy Garappolo had an impressive performance showing off his quick compact delivery and the ability to judge how a player will react when confronted with the same look and make it cost him This week the 2nd step is taking place it is the Senior Bowl. For all your senior bowl coverage needs head here:

That is unless you have the free time to watch the practices this week on NFL network.

149 comments on “The 2nd step

  1. Excellent call by whoever is responsible for DOTW. I was undecided as to which team to root for in the SB, but after that post-game rant by that conceited loudmouth DICK, Novadamus sees the Broncos winning.

  2. Yes, Seachickens will be owned by Manning and the Broncos receivers. Last week, the Patriots looked unstoppable, but against the Broncos, their d had no answer. Outside their artificial earthquake machine, the Seachickens will be very vulnerable.

  3. I think Sherman just had too much coffee, causing him to be a douche. After all, coffee is big in Seattle.

    I once started putting coffee grounds in my chickens scrap bowl. They would eat it then attack eachother, run around making a racket, and just generally act like little feathered jerks.

  4. @ Titus, I’m no spelling cop but I really have to bite my lip when reading some posts. Not so much here on this site but some of the others. I mean, did any of these bloggers go to high school??

    • Most people simply don’t know and/or don’t care what is right when it comes to these matters. The majority seem to expect the computer to figure this stuff out for them, and if the computer can’t figure it out, surely the person reading is able to decipher the intended message anyways. Gone is the courtesy of putting forth the effort to spell correctly for all those who read.

      This has gotten so bad that even published textbooks have lost their ability to edit the errors out of their material. Too many times I found myself underlining the typos in my graduate textbooks rather than highlighting the important information. It has gotten so bad these days that I found an error in a simple arithmetic equation within the first few pages of a statistics book. So if the professionals are making such horrendous mistakes, how can anyone expect some random blogger to know how to spell all the words she uses in her daily interactions?

  5. After reading these posts, I have to disagree with the common opinion an say I would love having Dick Sherman opposite Xman. An another thing Joey Browners son comes off suspension next season. Hopefully Seattle decides they dont need him an we pick him up.

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. And I have watched a lot of foreign films– don’t be myopic my fellow bloggers. There are thousands of movies made outside the USA every year. There was this Hungarian film I watched once– fantastic. All filmed in the Budapest subway.

  7. Russel Crowe is a f&$&&$$ douchebag! Three best comedies- wet hot American summer, billy Madison and planes trains and automobiles!

    As for spelling I cudnt care less as long as it’s legible go Vikings

  8. Titus professor guy man dude person I got a question for you, if you would not mind answering it for me. The question pertains to the sports commentary that I talked about needing to do. So now that I have wasted alot of your time with ramblings about said question I give you the question; Could I possible have you look at one of the mini breakdowns and get you feedback on if I should do the other ones like it or if it needs changing and if so how?


    OLB Mack, QB Tajh Boyd (would be just like sticking with Ponder (Go Garappolo)), S Bucannon, OG Dozier (please play like your namesake), and DT Barnett.
    Such promise with the 1st pick then he shits on the draft. Could stick with Mack, then go CB Verrett, followed by Garappolo even though he likely will move atleast into the 2nd, with CB E.J Gaines coming next, and follow that with OT\G Billy Turner. While it lacks a NT it gets a better secondary, OLine with a new LG, a PLAYMAKING LB, and a future FRANCHISE QB. In the 5th maybe have to trade into the 4th to get 6-2 342 Louisiana Tech NT Justin Ellis.

    • To be honest, I don’t like your picks any better than the ones you’re contrasting them against. We just added a defensive genius as our head coach who is great at getting value out of unknown talent. That tells me there is no need to spend multiple early picks on DBs. He may be able to turn the current group of DBs into the starters we need them to be. After them, we just need depth.

      Early picks should try to focus on QB, G and the front-7 of the defense.

      • I’m gonna cry, while I did go CB heavy it leaves room for error if Jimmy starts to raise. If Garappolo proves he belongs in the 2nd or higher, and he will, they could pass on Verrett yet still land a pretty solid guy in Gaines. Turner is a pretty good OT but move him inside and watch as the left side becomes a strength the likes we have not seen since Big Mac and Hutch were in their prime. Ellis if he doesn’t balloon up could be a great NT who main job is to eat double teams. Plus Mack would be flying around behind the seeming decent DLine if Griffen is resigned.

  10. Roger: So vowels and acronyms are when โ€œanโ€ is used and โ€œaโ€ is used in all other instances, right?

    Titus: Not always.

    Roger: Please explain.
    If the acronym starts with a letter that begins with a consonant sound and not a vowel sound, ‘a’ is used. Example: An NBC affiliate…….(enn bee see) A CBS affiliate……(see bee ess)

    Also, the same can be said when the article is used before a word that starts with the letter H. If the H is hard, ‘a’ is used, if the H is soft or not pronounced, “an” is used. Example: We have an hour before dinner. He wears a helmet.

    School’s out.

  11. Here is a little of what I saw during the Senior Bowl South day 2 practice:
    QB Derek Carr Fresno State
    Mike Mayock comments on very little success on intermediate passes. says a majority of his passes were bubble screens during the season. Low pass off the play action, awkward ball placement when feet are not set.
    Derek Carr is said to have meet with a Vikings’ scout.
    QB Jimmy Garappolo Eastern Illinois University
    Mayock and Charles Davis love his quick compact delivery, also Davis comments on how well built he is and his above average hand size at 9 inches. The ball really jumps to his WRs, good velocity. An amazing play when he rifles the ball between two defenders (LB and CB) going into the wind with ease.
    HB Lorenzo Teliaferro Coastal Carolina
    Impressive in LB blocking drills, great technique led to him stonewalling the bigger LBs, frustrated FSU LB Smith.

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