So now we have a new round of ‘Name that Blogger’, but with some VFB pets added in…

This dapper fellow will be Blogger X:

This lucky dude is Blogger Y:

And this fun fellow with very tan hands is Blogger Z:

PART 2; Name that Bloggers Dogger!

This comfy pooch is Dog A:

And this cozy canine is Dog B:

Good luck, have fun, GO VIKES!

166 comments on “NAME THAT BLOGGER/DOGGER!

  1. Okay, here goes:

    X is Shawn
    Y is Vegas
    Z is Irish Potato
    The dogs require deeper contemplation and insane meditation. Are we to name the dogs or their owners? Or are the dogs bloggers too?

  2. I have to write a commentary on a sports deal. The thing is I can’t use the words good, bad, great, or any other that would be an opinion. Planning on doing it on the East-West Shrine game because I planned on watching it and giving you all my impressions of who did well so it will kill two birds with one stone after it is submitted I will post it on here for your reading pleasure if you like.

    Need your thoughts on how to do it. Do you think it would work best as doing mini player breakdowns?

    As in Player A did not opinion based statement and then do a paragraph as to why, like he was able to effectively read the defense to find someone for a large gain. Or he turned what was likely a terrible scenario into a positive for his team by feeling the pass rush and avoided it buying time for his teammate to get open.

    Thanks in advance, likely to thank you after as well.

        • Don’t get caught up with this “no opinion” admonishment. Instructors need to stop boxing in and confusing students. Instructors simply mean they do not want unsubstantiated claims. You can still have your opinion in your writing in the way you frame your ideas and what you include/omit, etc. Think of it as a legal opinion issued by a court. No writing is void of author bias/opinion. If you write, Coradelle Patterson leaped over three defenders, grabbing the ball simultaneously with one defender, and wrestled the ball away, escaping to run in for the touchdown– you have not said he was great outright in your own words, but you showed it through observation. Still waking up–not sure I am clear, but I see so many students that feel paralyzed by that one line– I don’t want your opinion. I don’t want to write anything that does not reflect my opinion — writing is meant to invade the reader.

  3. Why does WordPress hate me?? I posted my guesses but apparently they got censored. I agreed with Titus on the last guesses but this time I’ll disagree. Z cannot be Irish as he said before he’d never been to the dome and Titus said he knows what Roger look like….

  4. Why does everyone assume I’m Blogger Y? Just because Nova gives me crap about show girls all the time doesn’t mean I can pull hot chicks. Oh wait, “Y”, I get it. Now I wish I got it!
    Seahawks – Broncos, Peyton wins in a last minute drive.

  5. I would love to see the Seahawks fall of their high nest, and the Niners are probably one of the few teams who can, but I don’t think they will beat them. It is too hard to play at that stadium– they rigged it to actually cause earthquakes. And I don’t see enough from Manning lately to keep up with Brady. Seahawks and Patriots in the SuperBowl.

  6. I don’t know what type of person Jim Harbaugh is but I wish he would wipe that putrid look he always has off his face. He always looks like someone is performing out patient surgery on his vay jay

  7. well, the Team I said all season long would be going to the Super Bowl. is on the way.

    Now, if the Vikings with the New Head Coach, and OC work it right this year,
    that could be us doing the same thing!

    • I’ll concede that if you give em 2 years. As it is, there’s too much to fix to get it done in one. If we hit a home run in the draft on our QB, we very well could be mimicking Seattle by the start of 2016. I just hope our top corner isn’t nearly so much of a conceited jackass as theirs.

      • I agree, but hey, you never know. I do believe Zimmer will look like a genius and with Turner utilizing AD properly (and if we hit a home run with QB as you say), we may win 11 or 12 games this season.

  8. Bartending now but on break. Got a trio of hip hop dudes from the bay area playing tonight. They do ‘nerd rap’ which means they rap about star trek and video games. Great fun. One guy is asian and just rapped about getting stoned, eating kfc extra crispy, and playing tetris. The black dude killed it rapping about star trek. Fastest rapping I ever heard. Made eminem look sluggish. Waiting for the pasty white guy to come on, they call him the dark lord hahaha.

  9. I knew it was Northwoods because when he took that trip to Arizona he gave us the link to his wifes facebook to see all the pics of his trip but her profile was private but I saw her and she was super attractive so I matched Northwoods to his wife NOT THAT VEGAS ISNT A STUD it’s like…one direction…they’re all special and unique in their OWN WAY ok yea u get it u get it haha

  10. Northwoods2 So that little pre-fab house with the green trim is your Summer cabin in Northern Wisconsin? Looks nice, but aren’t those trees in back just a little to close to it?

    You have Wild Fires there as well as any place else in the Midwest.
    Have them cleared out at least 100 feet from your home……..Been there… With Wildfires….

    • Have to do some cutting this spring – the campground is getting the oak wilt, and we’re getting some widowmakers over top of the shack.

      You can see the snow – we start camping as soon as we can get the 4-wheel drive up the hill.

    • And speaking of wildfires – last spring a logging company started one southeast of us. Luckily the wind was blowing northeast and not northwest, or we’d have been torched.

      Over 9000 acres. Our camper is in Solon Springs.

  11. Minnesota will find out this year, just what a whole season playing outside home games will be like. Maybe this will be what is needed to return the Vikings back too the days of yesterday of Bud Grants snow birds….

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