Musgrave’s pink slip

Musgrave's pink slip

I found Bill’s pink slip from Rick. Just like his play card, small and simple.

By vegasvike

90 comments on “Musgrave’s pink slip



    We are putting together a badass coaching staff. I have a good feeling about old Zim. One that I never had with Frasier, though I liked him.

    Frasier+Musgrave=no fire.

    • I’m not so sure. Defense with one of the two picks is all but necessary, but more than that could be overkill. Zimmer is a defensive genius, who has been able to turn late round picks into superstars. I’m looking for guys like Mauti, Blanton and Prater to have breakout seasons. Zimmer may even be able to get something out of Guion (he’s only 26).

      So we can get our QB early in the draft, along with a defensive stud and then work on building depth at the other defensive positions and beefing up the O-line.

      • The Jones is not going to disagree with selecting a QB in the first round. However Cassel is an adequate starter, all we need is a good backup, and that is probably not going to be a rookie.

        Our priorities have to be OL, and DEFENSE in that order.

  2. I was just leaving the house this morning and NFL Network was introducing Coach Zimmer. I was impressed with his statement of seeing himself and the Wilf’s (and their son Rick) accepting the Lombardi and looking up to the confetti falling down on him. I was impressed, that’s great vision, you can see he is self motivated to become a champion.

  3. I’m thinking that Speilman is gonna move up to the number two spot(Rams) and draft Johnny Manziel. As long as he doesn’t give up to much,but how much is too much for a franchise QB? Speilman is under pressure to get a star QB. None better than Johnny Football!! At least in this years draft. Haha

    • We’re a quality QB away from being a playoff contender with our existing defense. By the same token, we’re a quality secondary away from being a playoff contender with our existing offense.

      Upgrade one QB, or upgrade multiple defensive players – which is easier?

      If we get the right QB, that’s the easiest fix. But, if we upgrade the defense we have a better chance of getting a few successful players out of the draft.

      We should draft a QB high, then defense, then another QB in 3rd or 4th. That way we have 2 chances at a quality QB.

  4. Manziel is a winner! Ya he’s cocky but who the hell isn’t in the nfl. With our new coaching staff he could be another Fran or better. Speilman will get a QB in the first rd and he won’t sit and wait at number eight. We’ll lose our “Percy”3rd rd pick and maybe more.

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