97 comments on “The search is over

  1. Dream team: Zimmer, Turner, and someone with a “attack first and ask questions later” defensive mentality.

    Hey – anyone else think the sexy biker babe on the previous post is ALSO the sexy viking babe to her right?

  2. Oh, Nova – good news and bad news for you.

    Good news – you won the signed jersey.
    Bad news – HCG never mentioned it was signed by Bert Mancowitsz, the guy who typically occupies the 4th barstool at Roxy’s during happy hour.


    Spielman’s 8 hour interview questions leaked!!!

    Besides asking potential head coach candidates their favorite color and if they like ice fishing, Spielman reportedly had two strategic questions that decided the fate of each candidate.
    Question One. What do you do with Ponder?
    Question Two. What are your plans for Musgrave?
    Bonus Question: How do you handle outspoken punters?

    • Sounds like the field is split between people who love the run game and people who love the pass game. If I surmise correctly, Norv is more of a passing attack guy, which will benefit AP in the long run by forcing defenses to drop back into coverage.

  4. I am really happy over the Norv Turner hire– some of you saw me blogging a couple weeks ago when the Chargers played Cincy about Norv as a possible HC. This is a smart move– reading that article roger posted really pumps me up– I didn’t know Turner had THAT good a resume. He was OC in Dallas 91 to 93? Wasn’t that when the Cowboys dominated everyone?

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