Time to move on..

Time to move on..

For the Viking fan, NFL is over for the year. However there is some good news, Supercross season just started!

By vegasvike

123 comments on “Time to move on..

    • Rumors have it Zimmer will enjoy a day at the Mall of America shopping and then partaking of Nickelodeon’s amusement park and then heading to the zoo to see the tiger exhibit, ending the night with a play at the world-renowned Guthrie theater. His dining itinerary was not disclosed.

    • My only problem with taking their time is that it is not only the HC they have to worry about, but all the other coaches as well. It takes many coaches to make the team and I don’t think we could wait forever! Personally, I’m having trouble sleeping now because I am waiting for the “breaking news”…. I don’t want them to Zimmer on it too long.

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I just saw the news that we got Zimmer!! That is fantastic. I also read the blogs from here about him looking at Norv Turner for OC!! If that happens, I am going to make my prediction for our overall record next year. WE WILL GO 12-4 AND WIN THE NORSE!!!!! SUPERBOWL HERE WE COME!!!!!


    Gotta love that Cinci fans aren’t happy about losing our new HC, Welcome ZIM!!!
    I love the Norv Turner rumors, would be AWESOME to bring him in as OC. Also hearing Mike Mularky rumors.

  3. Hours after the news, every person in every corner of this planet with the internet now knows about our new Head Coach.
    Unless they are dedicated fans of Wobschall, the fearless leader of Nazivike.

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