Name that Blogger!


We will call this sporting chap “Blogger X.”


This handsome fellow will be “Blogger Y.”


And this outdoorsy guy will be referred to as “Blogger Z.”

Instead of a prize for one person, everyone gets a T-shirt from my bar, once I get a new batch made. Skol gentlemen and good luck!

136 comments on “Name that Blogger!

  1. Okay, so I know none of those is HCG or Nova. We’ve seen plenty of UBD videos to determine that HCG isn’t in there, and Nova’s picture was leaked a while back and he looked a lot more like a 70s porn star than any of these guys.

    I gotta figure that none of them is Titus too. Two of them look old enough, but neither is fit enough for someone who claims to go bicycling every day.

    My first impression when I saw X was VegasVike. I’m going to go with Shawn for Y and I’m going to stick with Northwoods for Z.


    The Vikings will not go QB in the 1st round, why?
    Because the Texans will bring in either Bortles or Bridgewater with a small chance of Manziel, the Jags will snag the remaining guy between Bortles and Bridgewater (my money is on Bortles because of Florida connection), and the Browns will take Manziel if he doesn’t go no.1 likely meaning trading to no. 2. The reason behind the Browns Manziel pick is they are believed to have fired Chudzinski (don’t care if it is spelt right) over his dislike of him, could also be the reason Josh McDaniels pulled his name out of their HC search.

    I really am scared by Carr’s lack of pocket presence so that is why the Vikings will not take a QB in the 1st.

    Garoppolo threw for 361 yards and three TDs when Eastern Illinois hammered the Aztecs 41-21 in the season-opener for both. As a point of comparison, Fresno State’s Derek Carr threw for 298 yards and two TDs in a 35-28 victory over San Diego State, and San Jose State’s David Fales threw for 301 yards, three TDs and two interceptions in a 34-30 loss to the Aztecs.

    Garoppolo’s performance against San Diego State led to this proclamation from Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, who watched tape of the EIU-San Diego State game before his team faced the Aztecs early in the season: “Eastern has really one of the best quarterbacks I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even know who he was until I watched him. He’s a great player.”

  4. I don’t think we need to target a QB with our first pick. That’s one thing that the fat mouthed 49er fan at my work has said that I agree with. If you look at the “new age” QB and where he’s been drafted lately they’re coming from later in the draft. Kap, Wilson, Cousins, etc. I wonder if it’s first round pressure?

  5. If we get Zimmer, it has been rumored that he will get Scott Linehan as OC. Linehan is good with either west coast or Air attack. But i’m like alot of you and don’t get the warm fuzzies about any of these QBs in the draft, they all have their knocks. So do we trade for Cousins? Maybe they would take our extra 3 and a 4th for him. We would at least know what we have with him.

  6. I really wish our coaching search included a couple of guys that have already been a successful head coach in the NFL. Even if they’re not available but just so Rick and Z and see how they handle the interview. I mean, wouldn’t it make sense to interview Billick and say, Dungy. Just to see what the mindset of a winner is? That would entail stuffing your ego in your pocket but I think they would gain some value able intel. Just a thought.

  7. I wasn’t surprised by what happened yesterday. The Seahawks are well coached and were rested. Wilson looked a little vulnerable. Hard to win in Boston with Brady and Belichick.
    Today – Rivera will be out-coached, I think. San Diego’s run will be over.

  8. Ok, new guesses…
    Josh Freeman
    Matt Cassel
    Christian Ponder

    But the first one could be either Josh or Christian because the both spent time in Florida
    Cassel is easy to pick out because of the mustache

  9. Okay, so obviously my guesses need some revision. If Roger was seen on a video, and one of you says it’s not him, I think number two may be Parody or Shawn. Still thinking on that one. I still think one is Tampa because that sure looks like Florida or somewhere in near the southeast. And I think Tampa is a big Twins fan, thus the TC hat.

    • I don’t think Kluwe is the kind of guy to make this stuff up but this is destroying his image. I realize he wouldn’t of said anything so that he could try and find another job in the league but he SHOULD have said something at the time. Not doing so was also cowardly.

      Kluwe’s bad year was still better than Jeff Locke this year.

  10. I just noticed the seats in the stadium – about half empty. How is that possible? This is a playoff game in the home of the best team of the AFC. Is Manning’s playoff record so horrible that his fans don’t want to spend money on a ticket just for the off chance that he’ll win this time around?

  11. Sorry guys….I’ve been working alot lately. My wife and I started a photography business…I didn’t expect it to be this busy.

    My guesses are:
    and me
    I mean

  12. My wife found an old photo of when my team won the world league….I will post it later. It was pretty cool, I was holding the trophy and my daughter after the game!! about a minute after the photo, I collapsed from fatigue.

  13. A good friend of mine has invited me to his superbowl party. He lives about an hour away and is a Broncos fan…I have to work the next morning at 6 AM. should I go or not. Thumbs up to go thumbs down to do the sober thing and not go and take my job serious…..

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