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Time for a new post seeing as the other is getting pretty long. Many people have voiced their opinion on who the Vikings should target in the 1st round of the 2014 draft, most if not all are saying it should be a QB, but what if the Vikings pull a Bengals\9ers from 3 drafts ago? Is there a QB in the 2nd or later on in the draft that could be the future Franchise QB? If the Vikings do go that route who should they take in the first round? NT Nix III, CB Dennard, or OLB Mack are all are all great options seeing how the defense is a mess right now. Who would you guys want?

By roger

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  1. I cant predict any defensive positions until after the new HCs first presser when I will find out if we are going 3-4 or 4-3. If we go 3-4 I think the DL may be set. Everson Floyd and Robison, so we would need a 3-4 OLB but if we go 4-3 DT or MLB would be most important. Whatever happens we need a more consistent pass rush and a QB and CB and OG.

    • I would go with Nix as the NT no matter 3-4 or 4-3.
      If 3-4 Floyd and Robison will play the DEs and have Griffen as the pass rushing LB that can move around and attack from any angle.
      If 4-3 Nix would be the Fat Pat to Sharrif’s K-Will. Requiring double teams an pushing blockers into the QB\RB lap as well as giving Griffen an easier time to kill QBs.

    • I WAS A POOL BOY! Best job I ever had got to wear short shorts and there were plenty of hot mums with great thigh gaps that would go swimming while your there good times! If they offer you the job Roger I suggest you take it.

  2. I am partially in agreement with you Roger, we should trade back to pick up Nix. He would fit great in either the 4-3 or 3-4. I am also sticking with my other picks too.
    if we do trade back, we should be able to get another 2nd rounder, so we would have two picks in rd 2 and rd 3!
    rd2- Cyril Richardson- OG
    rd2- Justin Gilbert-CB

    Rd3- Ahmad Dixon- safety
    rd3- Aaron Murray- QB

    • I read this and the credibility of the whole article comes into question:

      ” Aaron Murray, who tore his ACL on Nov. 23 to end his college career. He had surgery on Nov. 26.

      That injury will scare off many, teams but it shouldn’t scare Minnesota, as the Vikings successfully rehabbed Adrian Peterson through his ACL tear after taking him as their top pick in the 2007 draft ”

      First off, AD and Murray are different individuals, so regardless of who is their doctor, their recovery will vary. Moreover, AD was committed to return better than ever– we do not know Murray’s mindset, and most importantly, if, as this author states, the Vikings rehabbed AP, it was done from day one– Murray is already two months removed from surgery and is NOT in the Vikings rehab program. Good grief.

      • Yeah, we wouldn’t get our hands on him until he was more than half way through his rehab.

        The thing I don’t understand is how far down the draft he’s being projected because of the ACL injury. I see some people have him going in the 4th or 5th round. He’s not a running QB, or a WR or RB, so an ACL injury to me seems incidental. If he had a shoulder injury or one to his throwing arm then it would make sense. But an ACL injury to a non-running QB? So what.

        So he sits on the bench for a year learning. That’s probably what’s going to happen anyway to whichever QB we draft in whatever round we draft them in.

        What I like about Murray, aside from having one of the best arms, is apparently his work ethic is off the charts. Like a Drew Brees/Russell Wilson type of dedication and intensity.

  3. I think Dan Snyder did exactly what we didn’t want to do with our coach search… he interviewed a few, knew there were others interested in Gruden, so he got trigger happy and signed him to a 5 year deal. I still think we should be patient, give it time to interview Wisenhunt and Roman, then make the call. Unless Zimmer is their guy, go for him.

  4. I know I’m settling on Aaron Murray/zach mettenberger but there is a LOT not to like about Murray. He does not have a good deep ball, he makes poor decisions in crucial situations and he has bad footwork. If the d line gets him to move at all he struggles to set his feet ala ponder and it leads to bad throws. At best he’s Andy dalton. He’s not a 1st for a reason

    • Target a guy like Mettenberger in the 2nd. He was projected as a top-15 talent before he got injured. That was also while Mariota was still in draft rumors too, before he announced that he was going back to school.

      With him on the radar, we can trade back a bit, get Nix and use the extra picks to help rebuild the OLine and defens and this team will be on the fast track to recovery.

    • You know me Roger I’m gonna want Verner. Plus he wants to test free agency so he’s most likely to defect. Agree with Parody but I don’t really care what we do in the 1st round just trade back and get a pro bowler, Mettenberger/Murray 2nd and that UCLA Guard and I’m good.

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