Quest for a coach continues…

…and so do our opinions/thoughts/hopes/wishes and patience. Because we all know too well, the coach will define the team.

By vikingology

125 comments on “Quest for a coach continues…

  1. Something is seriously wrong living in this area. I was just out on some errands– parked a bit out in the parking lots and strolled casually, my coat half-opened, enjoying the sun and feeling so warm== and it is two degrees!!!

  2. I shock myself when I drop an F-Bomb, it is so rare an event. But that clip on the other blog showed a tirade of F this F that every other word an F word. I think that transfers to who you are coaching/mentoring. Good to get riled up and even yell, get angry, but I believe he self-control as well– and using language that actually has meaning and purpose. Yeah, an occasional F -Bomb on the field I can see– the game is a brutal collision of pumped up big men. But, that said, please maintain a level of self-discipline and self-control. If it gets to the point you are screaming the F-bomb at the players, I think you failed earlier somewhere in your coaching and preparation. I liken it to a video I saw the other day- the mom went ballistic, had to be carried out and tossed out of store– she was so angry at her son’s poor behavior– the kid was grazing in the store and sassed her– told her, don’t talk like that to me woman– he was a real handful, but she didn’t raise him right when he was two– now he is 12 something and out of control.

  3. I got one more day tomorrow working double shifts, then my exile from the blog is over. At least I get a dinner break today. Employee vacations and illness suck eggs. So soon enough we will have our contest winner ceremony, and all will be right with the world again. Once again sorry, and skol gents.

  4. I’m glad Spielman is giving this a lot of thought, but with a 75-point evaluation, I hope he’s not overthinking again (what led him to pick Ponder), and I hope his “process” doesn’t take so long that all the good candidates get scooped up by other teams.

  5. I’m iffy about the whole cursing thing I guess. I like the fire and I like the intensity, and I think thats what this team needs, but I think it isn’t a very good practice to drop F bombs like that. Like someone said though, it’s one 30 second clip.

  6. HCG – do your best to look after your Mom.
    After my Dad died, I spent some times with my Mom that I will always cherish. She needed some help (not really that much) to go to our summer cottage, where she stayed all summer, mostly by herself. She went swimming every day, in her 80’s.
    I will always remember those days when we were together.

  7. HCG…It’s good to hear from you again. I hope your mom is doing better…..YOU ARE RIGHT…GREY GOOSE is a great choice if you are going to put an inflateable pumpkin on a trailer!!!!

    Two points to make today.

    1) Having played football for many years, I wouldn’t be scared to have Zimmer as the coach. Sometimes it is what is called for to “wake up” the players. there are some candidates that I DO NOT want at all. Bevell, Gruden, or Gase. My top pick is still Whisenhunt though.

    2) After reviewing the QB situation of players coming from college, I have come to the conclusion that I would rather wait till the 3rd or 4th round and pick up Aaron Murray. I think that he is more suited to playing in the NFL than say…. Carr.

  8. Another item to think about is should they even entertain the idea of rehabbing Bishop and trying him again next year. He’s another year older, with another majory knee injury.

    I think we should put our eggs in another basket. He’s not reliable to stay healthy.

    • So far only two bloggers have sent pictures. But I still plan on doing it after the jersey is awarded(hopefully tomorrow).

      I will give one more chance for folks to send em in before we do it Tampa. Too bad Nova Irish and I have been identified already. It will still be fun to see peoples guesses. Im looking forward to it!

  9. “The Vikings have an extra third-round pick, courtesy of the trade that sent Percy Harvin to Seattle last year, but that pick could effectively be a fourth-rounder, if the Seahawks reach the NFC Championship Game or the Super Bowl. ”

    Can someone explain this to me? If the Harvin trade benefits Seattle, we get LOWER value draft pick from them??? But if the Seahawks stink, we get a HIGHER value pick?

    Isn’t that like paying more for a coat that DOESN’T fit, than one that does???

  10. Xavier Su’a Filo would be a nice addition at Guard. Very similar to Cyril Richardson just not as big. He’s climbing in the mock drafts though but is still a 2nd/3rd round prospect.

  11. ok Titus, here’s my take on St. Croix, sorry it took me so long. It’s kind of a third world country (island) and it’s kind of not. I’ve been to Jamaica, Cabo, PTO, the Bahamas and St Croix as far as southern vacation destinations are concerned and I would pick St Croix as my favorite. I’ve been to Puerto Rico but only on a lay over so I can’t really compare the two. Reason being is it feels more Americanized than any of the other which gave me a sense of security and they speak English. And there are not street/beach peddlers/beggars all over you. The two major cities are Christiansted and Frederiksted and while they have run down areas there is also improved areas. It has more of an “America” feel to it than the others. If you go to test the waters, there is a resort there called Carambola that I stayed at, I think it is one of the better ones and reasonable in pricing. And I would look into the tax benefits I mentioned.

    • I am not surprised it is Americanized– it is a US Territory. I read one article where the person said it was basically like south Florida- and several people wrote that crime is an issue on the islands. And the roads sound horrible– no cycling for me.

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