What makes a good Head coach?

There are are a wide variety of skills that a HC needs but only with the right amount of each ability can a run of the mill HC turn into a great one.

What are your thoughts on what makes a HC a good or even great HC?

If you could build a HC who would you take parts from?

110 comments on “What makes a good Head coach?

  1. I would take Brian Billick’s methodical even keel approach and intelligence, Belicheck’s relentless and cut throat drive to win and offensive mind, Cowher’s loud raspy in your face mouth, and Tony Dungy to balance out Belicheck from getting too unethical and also for his defensive mind.

  2. I’ll answer that with this-Winston won the Heisman this year and is expected to go #1 in the draft when he decides to enter…it is very possible he raped a young woman, people seem to be OK with that because he wasn’t charged.

    Why do people hate Manziel so much. Because after he won the Heisman last year, he partied and hung out with celebrities…so what. He is a kid that suddenly became a celebrity. Yes it went to his head…but if you watched him play the other night, I don’t think anyone would say he is not a team player.

    He kept his team mates’ heads in the game and lead an amazing comeback with his arm and his voice. I’ll take a chance on that leadership any day of the week (especially on Sundays!) Give the kid a chance…he is a play maker and a leader.

  3. Parody – you put together some very telling data on the previous blog. I think a different analysis of it shows how important a 1st round QB is.

    I did some similar research last year before the draft – I just didn’t filter to analyze QB success only.

    You have 8 1st-round picks judged as either winners or potential winners, for a whopping 55% success rate.

    Picks from the 2nd/3rd round produced 7 winners/potential winners, for an even more impressive 58% success rate.

    I think more telling interpretation of the data can be made by separating each round, rather than comparing 1st round to combined 2nd/3rd rounds.

    Colin Klapperdick, Andy Dalton, and Jimmy Clausen in Rd 2.
    Brock Osweiler, Russel Wilson, Nick Foles, and Ryan Mallett in Rd 3.

    Look at your data this way: 8 QBs taken in the first round are already successes or look like successes, only 3 Second rounders are looking good, and 4 from the Third round. I would imagine it drops off severely after the 3rd round.

    I may have the percentages screwed up in my head, but it sure looks to me that the best probability of finding a franchise QB is in the First round.

    • Since your data goes back 5 drafts, that averages out to almost 2 first round successes per year, a 2nd round success every other year, and almost 1 3rd round success per year.

      Even if this draft year is “stacked with QB talent” if we can get one in the first, we need to do it. The law of averages says so.

      • Fewer QBs are taken in later rounds, so the law of averages rule only applies to the average of the entire class just because more QBs are selected in the first round than any other. Remember that the previous study showed there were 15 QBs taken in the first round, and only 12 in the 2nd and 3rd round combined. The average of the class for the idividual round (as you’ll see in my reply below) is actually better for the 2nd and 3rd rounds than the first.

        The rule for average is while the total number goes up, the number of successes will go up, but the percentage will remain the same.

    • You didn’t post percentages for the second or third round individually. Fewer QBs were taken in the each individual round, So with equal percentages there are going to be fewer players who qualified as a successful pick.

      2/5 (40%) of third rounders are already declared successes, 3/5 (60%) who have not been declared a bust yet. 2/7 (28.5%) of second rounders are declared successes, 4/7 (57%) who have not been declared a bust yet. The first round only has 53% that have not already been declared a bust.

      Again, the difference in these numbers could be due to nothing other than a small sample size. They are so close that it seems likely that the odds of getting your guy in the first round are just as good as finding him in the 2nd or 3rd. The argument is that as the odds stay the same, it doesn’t matter whether you draft the guy in the first, second or third round, the odds say that you won’t have any better a chance of finding the leader of your offense.

      So, with the projected run on QBs in the first round this year, we should be patient and grab our guy ONLY if we know he is the perfect man for the job and will not still be there in the 2nd/3rd round. We would be better off using the early pick(s) to improve the defense, because they are otherwise wasted picks if we can still grab our guy later on.

  4. Wisenhunt is still my preference, he built a pretty good team and a damn good defence, but had Kolb and Skelton as a QB. Now look what he did with Rivers this year. Manziel has done some douchey things, but he is a playmaker. His size scares me, he definitely would have to stop his scrambling in the NFL. Thats why we have to draft two QBs this year.

  5. As long as we’re talking odds….
    What are the odds our new coaching staff (assuming the other two stooges are fired) give Ponder another opportunity? I always hear Speilman has been the driving force behind the starting QB, and he’s still there. (shudder)

  6. Oh game is pretty close. I will still make a prediction– I thought Chargers might do the upset. Hope not, though– as many of you know, I spent a couple years half hour outside of Cincy goint to college. Still, I pick Chargers. And I think Green Bay wins later.

  7. I’m torn on today’s late game, I would normally never want the packers to win unless there was playoff implications in our favor, however I work with a total ass crack (ass crack = Roger’s term of ass clown) that is a 49er fan and I’ve had enough of his mouth. So…., Go Pack Go??
    And then the pack can get taken out next week.

    • I am not making my picks based on which team I like. I am in it to win it. You know, I would love to see Cincy win, but I chose the Chargers. I also prefer the Niners to cream the Pack, but I chose the Pack. Yesterday I preferred the Chiefs to win, but chose Indy. I wanted the Saints to win and chose them– so the only one I picked that I rooted for.

      • I lean the same way. I would have picked the Bengals to win the early game today (but I also want them to win), and it looks like that pick is going to be wrong. I believe the Packers are going to win at home tonight, so I hope I’m wrong with that pick as well.

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