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By roger

74 comments on “Skrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool…

    • don’t know who to root for. my dislike for Weak Bay is only topped by my dislike for the PandaBears, but these bandwagon 49er fans at my job is getting on my nerves too. just hope both get knocked out the playoffs…

  1. Major blizzard here today, a rarity in these parts…… Nice to see all the Packer “shareholders” declining to go see the team that they “own”.
    Also nice to see them as 2.5 point underdogs, at home against a west coast team.

    • Hard for me to believe 49ers can beat the Pack in those elements. In a better climate, the Packers don’t stand a chance. Then again, the defense usually is the deciding factor i that kind of cold. Yep, I think San Fran wins. Besides, no one will be in the stadium besides the teams.

    • That’s a pretty accurate assessment, hopefully Rick & Co. read it and act on it. The F for our secondary is spot on. Who’s available in F/A that can shore that up? I don’t think that’s a problem we can draft our way out of.

      • I agree, but this is not new. They knew this going into the season. Sure, they drafted Rhodes, but a rookie wasn’t going to solve the problem. Then, they let Winfield go and didn’t replace him. It should not have been a surprise that we needed more at CB.

      • Check this out. Since Tampa bay is clearly going too the Tampa 2, and I think we are transitioning to something much different, more man coverage, I think Reavis would be a good choice to come here. He is a crap zone CB, but plays man pretty much the best in the league. Imagine him with XR on the other side. I think that would make QBs crap their pants.

        I think we would have to trade a pick for him though, not positive about that.

  2. A few prospective names: Mike Zimmer, Sean McDermott, Jay, Gruden, Darrell Bevell, Adam Gase, Dan Quinn, Jack Del Rio, Ken Whisenhunt, Todd Bowles, and James Franklin. There are many others out there but this is a good list to start from.

    I haven’tbeen on here alot lately…just busy with life. My assesment of the head coaching candidates that you have puosted are as follows.

  3. Rodger, I would like to make some assessments of your last paragraph on the possible head coaches from your last blog.

    A few prospective names: Mike Zimmer, Sean McDermott, Jay, Gruden, Darrell Bevell, Adam Gase, Dan Quinn, Jack Del Rio, Ken Whisenhunt, Todd Bowles, and James Franklin. There are many others out there but this is a good list to start from.

    Mike Zimmer- good quality D coordinator. 20 years in the league but has been passed over several times for HC……WHY?

    Sean McDermott- another high quality D coordinator. He had a bumpy first year with Carlolina, but has recovored nicely.

    • Jay Gruden- Has won two arena bowls as head coach and has done a good job as an OC. He has however been interviewed for 6 HC jobs the last couple of years and turned down the Colts after they offered him the HC position…WHY?

      Darrell Bevell- He really didn’t show us anything when he was OC here but has done a good job with Vikings West. However the SeaChickens D outshines the O. Do we really want someone who was tied with Childress to come back here?

      Adam Gase- Is he the OC of Denver or is Peton Manning?

      Jack Del Rio- Another former Vikings Player (Mike Tice) who was once a HC. He had many issues with the Jags…….But I am not sure who wouldn’t have had. I am personally not sold on him as HC material.

      Todd Bowles- a Good and Growing D coordinator. Does he have enough experience?

      James Franklin-Head coach for Vanderbilt….I really don’t know too much about him.
      Ken Whisenhunt- My first choice on this list….I would love to see this guy here!!

      And for my own name:

      Brian Billick- Does he want to coach? If so…….lets fire up the plane and whoo him here!!

      Just my own opinions….Your thoughts?

        • Bowles has held together floudering teams after HC was released. He uses a good variety of defensive schemes.
          Zimmer is just a fiery off putting guy I guess but based on his record he should have a HC job at some point.
          McDermott has actually done well with a crappy run D till this year, last year they added Kuelchy and this year the added DTs Lotulelei and Short, maybe his success is because of the addition of those key players.

      • No to Bevell and Gase. Gase is the offensive coordinator fowith Manning under center even less than Bevell was the offensive coordinator with Favre at the helm.

        I don’t want to see a head coach walk in here who already failed somewhere else – making Del Rio a no – and I don’t get the impression that Billick wants to get back in the game. Other than that, the list looks like a good crop of candidates.

        • Actually, if you dig in and read some blogs and such on Billick, he is not entirely opposed to coaching again– it just has to be “right” for him– I read one blog where he answered that question and he knows it is improbable to find all the conditions he would like, but he didn’t say no or never. AND, in our favor, MN is probably one of the few places he would consider coaching for again. I am hoping.

    • According to Spielman’s press conference, he has 13 categories of HC candidates.
      I wonder if he is treating them like the draft, with a “board” aka spread sheet.
      Hiring a HC using the same philosophy as the draft – there are differences.
      First – it isn’t a “slave market” – the candidates have a choice as to who they will accept.
      Second – these are not naive 20 year old kids – these are savvy guys who have experience.
      Third – they all have contacts that can provide inside information on the workings of the organizations that are pursuing them.

      An interesting process, for sure.

    • I don’t care for those picks. We need to improve our defense, and it’s not going to happen fast enough if you’re looking for an “understudy” DE as the first defensive pick of the draft in the third round. Then we pick a safety to follow that up? This guy obviously doesn’t know where the team needs to add talent. Yes, the safety position COULD use an upgrade, but not nearly as much as DT, CB, and even LB.

      I think that we need to find our big fat DT by the second pick, and get a CB in the third round. Then we can start adding depth at DE and S. Not before.

      • I would like the Bortles pick and maybe the Jackson pick because the OLine needs some girt on the interior. Would change DE Reilly to NT DaQuan Jones. Not sure which CBs would be available around there but if Colvin (Oklahoma) or Roberson (Florida) are around go for one of them, LBs Jordan Zumwalt (UCLA), Prince Shembo (Norte Dame) , or another OG like Chris Watt (Norte Dame) at the end of the 3rd.

    • If Griffen walks, we need to find a DLineman in free agency. We currently have two starters on the roster, Robison and Floyd. We can spend an early draft pick on one of the other two, but the final one needs to be filled somewhere else.

  4. Just throwing this out there for discussion.

    AP has not been the greatest in cold, icy, snowy weather – the likes of which we will experience the next two Decembers, and hopefully, Januaries. Would we be better off keeping Toby and dealing AP for more draft picks?


    I guess Bevell was hand cuffed by Chilly while in Minnesota (according to Darren Sharper) makes sense really seeing as brain child Chilly was a control freak, ask Farve. Supposedly he was the guy who wanted to pick Russel Wilson and start him over Flynn. Is this an indication that he could find a Franchise QB for us not sure but hopefully it does if he is hired.

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