The Search Begins

With the removal of Leslie Frazier as HC there is now an opportunity for the Vikings to find a man who can lead them to the promise land. Spielman has his work cut out for him though with the top prospect already swooped up by the Texans in Bill O’Brien. Just because O’Brien is gone though doesn’t mean Ricky should freak out and grab the 1st man he interviews out of a misguided attempt to get a jump start. Instead he must look at each man and see how there concepts fit and if they are willing to structure the team around personnel rather force feeding the players into square holes when they are octagon pegs. The right man for the job will know how to best use each individual to have the team ready for conquest. Can Ricky find this man hopefully. If not the Vikings will be stuck in neutral and thus angering fans into stealing the Wilf’s private jet to kidnap Brett Farve and force him to play QB.

A few prospective names: Mike Zimmer, Sean McDermott,  Jay, Gruden, Darrell Bevell, Adam Gase, Dan Quinn, Jack Del Rio, Ken Whisenhunt, Todd Bowles, and James Franklin. There are many others out there but this is a good list to start from.

126 comments on “The Search Begins

  1. Ha so the only two coaches in the NFL that are still loyal to the Tampa 2 are headed to Tampa Bay…. funny. Have fun with Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Cam Newton while you’re runnin that D guys…

    • Cole and Mauti are both ready to step in. The defense will probably be better off with one of those two working the middle, so I just had to shrug and roll my eyes when I heard that Erin decided to go out and invest in DWI II.

  2. A marginalized assed attempt at a pros\cons list for reason for a HC to come here:
    Pros: AD, Patty, Franchise LT, KRudy, Sully, good WR core, GM who is willing to go after players the team loves, Cold weather games the next 2 years

    Cons: Lack a starting caliber QB, defense is falling apart, OLine needs 2 maybe 3 pieces, Cold weather game the next 2 years, GM can’t find a QB

    What would you add to where?

    • I completely agree. Most QBs are overpaid, but Cutler just made some of these other ludicrous contracts look half-normal. Cutler seems to me like a QB where an 8-win season is about average and a 1o-win season is good. That’s not what I want out of a guy who is pulling in $18M a year. I’m glad he’s a burden to somebody else’s team.

  3. Can’t believe Cuntler is gunna get 7 years 54M guaranteed….. just cause he can throw hard doesn’t mean he’s elite. They better sign Marshall to a 7 year extension too, casue without him Cuntler is useless.

  4. Kluwe speaks out.

    Upon reading the message that Kluwe posted today about his termination from the team, I came across the linked article within which I had probably heard about at the time, but never read it until today. If you’re an avid fan of freedom of speech and the freedom to choose what kind of life you are going to live, give it a read. It has an in-your-face humorous tone to it. Many people will find it offensive, but if you aren’t thin-skinned you’ll probably enjoy it.

    • So much of this doesn’t add up…..or, actually it does.

      The timing for one – what a better time to release a statement like this and get back at your former employers for firing you – he decreases Frazier’s chances of landing somewhere, and makes the Vikings that much more UNATTRACTIVE to other coaches/players. If it really happened, why didn’t he say anything after he was cut? Or after Oakland cut him?
      If he is that good a punter, why didn’t Oakland keep him – unless he made waves there, too.
      If Priefer really made those statements, does anyone really believe NOBODY on the team let it leak? We all see what happens to an organization when “issues” are handled within the team (hint: Penn State).

      He WAS a good punter, but when Sunday rolls around and you put on the uniform, I want to watch a football player, not an advocate.

  5. Gotta side with Kluwe on this there was something off all year and it’s why I’ve never been a big fan of Priefer. Punters usually have to absolutely eat shit before they get cut.

    NOT “1”ALIKE”1″MIX IT UP”PLAY”WHITEY”WHITEY”WHITEY”FORD””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””TUFF””””””””””””””””””””””””

  7. Kluwe knows how to get people talking-I am not going to judge either way unless it can be proved otherwise…too many things are taken out of context or misinterpreted. I don’t miss Kluwe as a Viking, but I wish him well. As far as Priefer is concerned, he will be looking for a new job soon when the new HC takes over, and then I will wish him well also.

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