…………2014………… Vikings New Hope & New Beginnings

By now we’ve all heard the news that Leslie Frazier was relieved of his coaching duties Monday morning, in effect kicking off the dreaded “Black Monday.” for many coaches on the hot seat.

Although I was in favor of firing Frazier, it’s never fun to witness it. He was a class act, and a sincere person. You could tell by the way the team reacted when they heard the news that they were upset. But, it’s a business and all involved most move on…Best of luck to you Leslie.

As the ball drops at midnight bringing in a new year, it will also bring a new hope for the upcoming season, and a new beginning to a franchise moving forward in their quest to bring a championship home to Minnesota.

The intense search for a new coach has already begun, once that happens, he will bring in the all-important “supporting cast” that will shape the future of the roster moving forward.

This is the first step to what will hopefully be the start of a long coaching tenure, that culminates in a Vikings Super Bowl victory…or several!

Happy New Year fellow bloggers!


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105 comments on “…………2014………… Vikings New Hope & New Beginnings

      • @Bluebird7,

        Blue I gotta disagree with you on this one. Rick “Hollywood” Spielman should have been the first one to go. He selected ponder among other busts. He should not be able to say “If (Frazier)is honest he will admit it was his choice to start ponder.”

        That decision was not Frazier’s alone. No one person could be that dumb.

        Most fans (about 75%) would not have started ponder in the first regular season game.

        It was obvious to the 75% that ponder was the worst of the top three qbs on the roster, Cassel, MBT, and himself. Who starts at QB never completely decides the outcome of the game. Yet would you start Ziggy Wilf and expect to win???

  1. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Darrell Bevell was hired as coach of the Vikings-taking over for Frazier who fired Bevell when he was named HC.

    I like the Bevell idea. He is young enough to grow with the players, but has quite a bit of coaching experience as well.

  2. Spielman would have one leg up on those fresh faced new-comers straight out of college types. Experience? No. But unless they are thinking of some more re-treads neither will any of the new guys. Why not think of trying on a new pair of shoes…

    Spielman would have the help of the NEW OC & DC for sure. Think about it.

      • What this team needs most is some good big guys. OLs, DLs, and LBs.

        We have the WRs, TEs, and RBs if we sign the guys we already have.

        We also have the QB of the future in Cassel. Cassel must develop the ability
        to release the ball higher, and probably quicker to avoid all the blocked passes. But other than that he seems to fit the bill.

        I do not think that ponder or Freeman would be willing to be a backup.

        OL is still our number 1 need as the JONES has been saying since Childress was HC.
        That may be the main reason Jones does not like Spielman. Spielman is not aware of the value of an athletic offensive lineman. He was obviously not here when guys like Randall McDaniel, Zimmerman, and Birk pawed the earth for the Vikings.

        Those guys make your offense. Peterson gains yardage inspite of not having many guys like those three. (Sullivan and Kalil are great, but the rest of the OL consists of backups.)

    • I don’t like it, we’ve got to get better in the trenches and taking a corner and safety will not fix things. They will get burned without a pass rush and a solid run defense. I’m starting to warm towards Zach Mettenberger though if we get him at the right spot.

    • So, Frazier is meeting with Mark Wilf and Spielman to decide who starts against the Giants. Mark says “we need to play Freeman to see what we got for our money”. Spielman says “I agree”.
      When your two bosses say something like that – HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Frazier, being the consummate TEAM PLAYER – then sells it to the players, as best he can.

      Did this happen this way?
      Only Mark Wilf, Spielman and Frazier know the answer to that. Are any of them going to talk? Would you believe Spielman or Mark Wilf? I wouldn’t. Frazier probably has a confidentiality clause in his contract and can’t talk. He is the only one I would believe.

      Anyway – Frazier is gone – time to move on.

      I wish Frazier all the best!

  3. Who is responsible for activating the thumbs? I would like to extend a hearty thumbs up to you!
    Also, I mentioned a day or so ago that Zigi reminded me of a Sesame Street character, but I couldn’t quite put my “thumb” on which one. Well as it turns out, it wasn’t a SS character he reminds me of. New post tomorrow with the unveiling, I think y’all will be impressed!

  4. Before you thumbs down this, think about it a minute. I read somewhere that Rob Ryan might be a good candidate for HC. I said hell no at first, but then thought about it, and cocked my head to the side, and said….maybe?


  5. Roger – you have been negative on Manziel. I watched him tonight and he seemed to have a really good, accurate arm, he is athletic. He has energy and drive.
    What don’t you like about him? I’m being serious here.
    The QB for Duke was very good, as well. Both coaches, too.

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