To HCG and his sick Mom


Get well soon, Mrs. HCG. Your son has a serious mental condition.

By novascotiavike

96 comments on “To HCG and his sick Mom

  1. Yes, HCG, You have only one mom. Take care of her and give her a kiss that says I Love You, I lost my mom several years ago, and know the thoughts that I could maybe done more for her.

  2. Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings announced Monday morning that they had fired Leslie Frazier following a 5-10-1 season. Rapoport reported that the team already has been doing background work on candidates for some weeks, according to a team source, and might target a hot young assistant. Rapoport reports the Vikings have inquired about Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase and Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.


    I have no faith Spielman will find us a QB. Especially when he says he’ll rely heavily on the new HC. YOUR THE F$%@ GM AND SCOUT! He set Frazier up to fail this season, letting Winfield go, having no ILB, Ponder at QB and insisting he STAY at QB. Going to presume Freeman playing against the Giants was also Spielmans decision.

  4. Have to say “Happy New Year to all the VFB boys and girls now. I will be at a cabin party for the next couple of days….no internet allowed. Nothing wrong with THAT !!
    Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year, and tell your Mom to get out and enjoy 2014, HCG !

  5. would be interesting to have Quin as HC. he definitely would change our philosophy on defense. i just get the feeling he would leave the offense in his OC hands,which may not be too bad if the OC knows what he’s doing…

  6. There’s a few nice corners in free agency we could pick up. Chris Harris from Denver, Tim Jennings CHI and my personal favorite, Alterraun Verner from Tennessee. All would start next to Rhodes.

    Also if Henry Melton hits free agency we should give him everything.

  7. @ DeeJay
    If we lose Allen and Williams plus some under performing guys in our secondary I feel it’s gonna be tough to fill that all through the draft. I for one think we need to get some expierenced players on defense to help with the youngsters. And I also think we would do well finding a QB with a couple years under his belt.

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