Our season ends….Let’s unite in Cowgirl Failure


Die,Dallas, Die.

By novascotiavike

123 comments on “Our season ends….Let’s unite in Cowgirl Failure

  1. I had asked in the previous post I had lost track of former Bears OC Mike Tice..

    Well I found him he lives in Seattle and is now $100,796.20 richer.

    He won that amount playing “pick6” at Delmar CA Horse race, Horse? Tebowing…

  2. Titus – gotta give you credit – you predicted the Vikings win over the Loins (yes, I spelled it that way), and I said there was no way in Hades that would happen.

    Whether it was team loyalty, or precognition, I bow to you and admit I was wrong. It was good to see them close the Dome on a high note.

    So many questions remain……….Keep Frazier? Keep Cassel? Is AP hinting at a change of location? Let Toby and Allen walk? Why do they call them ‘apartments’ when they’re all stuck together????

    I expect either big changes this coming week, or continued speculation. It’s been said before, doesn’t matter what our draft position is – Spielman will work his magic to get us the next few pieces to our winning puzzle. This time around, we’ll get a high-ranked QB and defensive picks.

  3. Frazier presser was possibly his best. He pretty much told the world Ponder and the QB shenanigans wasnt his decision … (so it was forced on him<<<this part is my recognition of what happened and not Fraziers words)

    • I have watched a lot of his pressers and have been impressed by him. He is articulate, projects honesty and character and would make a great analyst.
      The question we all have is: Is he a good head coach.? His win/loss record says, emphatically, NO. The heart and steadfastness of the players says YES.
      It makes sense to me that the TEAM decision to play Ponder had to be made to see if last year’s final games’ performance by Ponder was indicative of his future play.
      The Wilfs, I think, have a tough decision to make.

    • I just watched the presser and read it the same way. I honestly don’t believe that a football coach at an NFL level couldn’t see that Ponder was not the answer. It had to have been forced on him there’s no other explanation.

  4. I think I need to check my temperature– earlier I was glad to see the Packers win and just now I felt bad for the Cowboys on that last second interception. Why was I rooting for two teams at the bottom of my list?

    • I have found that I usually hope for the away team, unless I have a “hate“ on for it. I think it is something to do with counteracting the disadvantage of being the away team because of the noise factor and that the refs seem to favour the home team.

  5. Peterson said it best (paraphrasing) Frazier is a good coach, but he’s a better person.

    It’s a nasty, nasty business, Frazier is in a lose, lose situation, he has terrible OC and DC’s that have done nothing to help his case, and he is stuck with them.

    We simply have too much talent to keep things the way they are…I know what some of you may be thinking, but as bad as Chilly was, he improved the team every year and won the North division with TJack as well as Favre.

    I think the Wilf’s will fire Frazier, and Speilman will say the reason is a “change in direction.”

  6. I’ve always found that in a situation of “should or shouldn’t” with “shouldn’t” being the conservative and safe decision, it’s best to buck the trend and test the unknown waters. They should make changes starting at the top. My guess is that’s what’s gonna happen.

  7. True VO, Spielman should be kept because quite honestly he is a draft day genius. I rank him right up with Belichick when it comes to talent at their respective positions. If he does nothing else than structure our drafts that’s enough to keep his position.

  8. FINALLY got to watch the game and can I just say *wipes away tear* I’m so proud of my main man Cordarrelle Patterson. Also big wrap to Matt Kalil who at long last looked like a franchise LT again. SKOL CHASE FORD! Don’t think Prater is starting material but he really helps with our depth and has a spot on this team so SKOL PRATER! SKOL ASIATA a worthy replacement for Toby. Skol everyone really except pONDER F@%#$ OFF!

    I love Frazier damn it I don’t want him gone! His philosophy is 100% in line with my own and really it’s not his fault Spielman gave him ponder. Give the man a QB and go out and give him a team he will lead this team to the promised land!

  9. “Both of Denver’s coordinators, Jack Del Rio on defense and Adam Gase on offense, are on the Vikings’ radar, league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. Del Rio played linebacker for the Vikings, and Minnesota has been inquiring about Gase.”

    • aaaah Jack Del Rio! One of my favorite players of yesteryear!
      Didn’t he have a coaching job down south someplace and got fired?
      Mike Tice had a coaching job and got fired also. In fact he had two, Vikings and with the Bears. Tice is out of coaching at this time, and lives in Seattle. How about him?

      I watched Both Del Rio, and Tice play! They were like tough guys like J. Allen……

      • Yeah, Del Rio was with the Panthers I think – or was it the Jaguars? Am too lazy to Google, but he was fired. WHY OH WHY would Wilfs do this? I think they succumbed to social pressures. They may also have looked at Kansas City and San Fran and …. and said, gee, a great coach can win games. But looks like they want to replace Frazier with an unknown. Big mistake. Bring in Billick or another big name NFL winner former head coach or call Frazier back.

  10. “CBS Sports’ Bruce Feldman reported the Vikings were likely going to go after a successful college coach. Bill O’Brien was on the team’s radar, but NFL sources suggest the Houston Texans are finalizing a deal with the current Penn State coach. Baylor’s Art Briles is a favorite to make the jump, but the Redskins will likely try and go after him first. Stanford’s David Shaw or UCLA’s Jim Mora could also be targets if the Vikings take that route. “

  11. Only time will tell if this is a wise move or not. The players are not happy, according to NFL Network – AD would not comment. The Wilfs better make sure the replacement is as close to a sure thing as possible.

  12. This is what I was afraid of– Wilfs fire Frazier and then go after a coordinator or a college coach. Is this a wise move? Won’t we be in experimental mode all over again? At least Frazier had the experience of failure– the prerequisite to success. The only way I would have let Frazier go is if I could bring in a Brian Billick or the like.

  13. This is going to be one of the most important decisions the Wilf’s have ever had to make. They must hit a home run with this next coach. Outdoors for the next two years and then a brand new stadium, where people won’t buy very expensive season tickets to watch a team that is struggling. And one that is struggling to develop another QB.

    I have two choices for coaches:

    If they choose to go with an offensive minded coach, to develop a rookie QB, I would bring in Darell Bevell. He knows QBs. He did a great job with Wilson (whom many didn’t think would be a very good QB). He has worked in MN before. Also he knows the West Coast system, which I think would be good for several reasons. #1, is we have AD. Nobody is better to build a power run game around than All Day. #2, playing outdoors for the next 2 years in the weather, means the ground game is going to be very important. Also DB has the credibility to be able to secure good coordinators. I think the idea of having AD, and Patterson, and a top 8 pick, not to mention the prospect of being in the new stadium in a couple years would make being an OC in Minnesota sound very good.

    If they choose to go with a defensive minded coach (my personal choice) I would go with Mike Zimmer. His defenses are flat out good. Top 10 in Cinci every year he has been DC. He knows both styles a 3-4 and the 4-3. He’s agressive, and I think he would bring a spark to this defense that they haven’t seen in a long time. With the teams we have in our division, and the offensive juggernauts that play for them, we need our defense to be intimidating. This might do it.

  14. Want to see some silly comments? Check out the official site. Apparently the gloves are off concerning censoring fans comments as there are politically incorrect statements all over the blog, even F bombs! When did Wobbles lose control?

    • WOW– never seen so many fans rally behind a coach with such a terrible record. Wilfs made an error– I bet you Frazier was just about to hit his stride. I can tell you why Wobbles is allowing all the comments– because since we left his site he has never seen so much activity! He is salivating seeing all the posts– he thinks his job may be safe!

  15. Listening to NFL Network, it sounds like the Vikings are not an attractive situation for a coach to come to. No QB, mediocre talent at LB and secondary. Instability at the stadium location. I am afraid we are going to get a joke for a HC and regret this decision. I think the Wilfs are scapegoating Frazier as a way to placate the fans and media.

    • I thought that too– Wilfs would fire Frazier merely out of social pressures. And not just with the public and the media. They also probably want to look like legit owners among all the other owners– it’s the thing to do, right? Well, unless they bring in a big boy, they ,made a mistake, in my extremely humble opinion.

  16. People call for Frazier’s ass all year, then when it finally happens they freak out and think maybe it shouldn’t have. Don’t forget aobut the last second losses this year, that’s on coaching, and not utilizing the talent that’s on the roster is on coaching as well. My top 3 replacements would go Wisenhunt, Jay Gruden (no, not Jon, Titus) and Zimmer.

  17. The NFL network said that Detroit is the MOST appealing job, I didn’t hear them say Minnesota was a bad situation, just not the best…thats fine. But we do have a stadium being built, and we do have good talent on our team. Sure our QB situation is bad, but all it takes is one pick and we have a contending team.

    As I said before this happened today, the Wilf’s will spare no expense to bring a winner to Minnesota. They could have easily packed up and went to California, but they stuck it out and now the Vikings will be here for 30 more years.

    It’s not just the HC, it is the ENTIRE staff. Frazier simply was unable to bring a great supporting cast. He brought in castaways from Atlanta and the Colts, he also got rid of Bevell because it didn’t fit his philosophy.

    • Well, one commentator said these are ALL bad situations – there are no good ones. This is the NFL Network, after all. Detroit was identified as the best situation after it was known that Shwartz had been fired. Before that had happened, Houston, not Minnesota, was considered the best.
      You have more confidence in the Wilfs than I do. They are property developers and are probably more interested in flipping the franchise than winning.

  18. Nobody has mentioned one of Fraiser’s biggest blunders yet. Maybe that’s because there were so many after that, I dunno. But let’s not forget McNABB. If I remember correctly that was all on him.

  19. To Rick Spielman,
    I would like to throw my hat into the coaching prospects.
    While lacking in football knowledge compared to the expert failures of the past I do know how to delegate duties and make changes when things are not working, although I am not sure if I am easy to get along with or not so I may put some players off.
    Defensively I would like stick with the 4-3 because of lack of 3-4 peaces but I am not against giving 3-4 looks and blitzing the shit out of offenses in many unconventional ways.
    Offensively I am willing to tailor it to fit the weapons it currently has. I will also search high and low for a signal caller that can finally be called a Franchise QB.

    With regards the Best in the World.

    • I don’t think it would be wise to wait.
      A – FA players will want to know ASAP so they can base their decision on whether to restructure or leave.
      B – They’ve known for several weeks that they’d be hiring a new HC, can’t imagine they haven’t already conducted some interviews.
      C – Nothing spells ‘incompetence’ like a ship without a captain.

  20. Guys Im really sorry about the delayed jersey point winner post and name that blogger post (or lack thereof). Im sitting in the hospital right now with my mom. She fell and cant walk. She should be ok I hope. I gotta bartend tonite and tomorrow night AND work dayshift tomorrow due to employee vacations. I will get the winner announced when I can(unless you guys can figure it out). And promptly order the jersey to be shipped to the winner. Once again my apologies and thanks for your patience.

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