98 comments on “kickoff

    • Yeah, after the Eagles game I believed Frazier would stay. Then last week after Cincy, I thought he would go. Reading that Billick article someone posted the other day should make people think twice– it highlighted several big time winning coaches who struggled horribly their first few years. There are pros and cons to keeping Frazier.
      I wouldn’t bet on which way it goes.

    • I think Frazier stays unless a winner can be brought in like a Billick or Cowher. But I don’t see the Wilfs going to a college coach or a D or O coordinator. At least that is the way I would approach it.

  1. HA HA HA HA!!! Seriously??? They say it’s COLD and then show the temp is 27 in Chicago. Holy Crap– I was in pain just walking from my car to the church this morning 27 above is not cold. We are below zero and the wind chill now is 20 below– what it was this am I don’t care to know.

  2. Very interesting comments by Frazier in his post-game presser regarding QB decisions this year.
    I’m paraphrasing but, basically, they were TEAM decisions, not solely HC decisions. If true, Frazier stays.

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