A Vikings Jingle Bells

A Viking Christmas poem

Jingle Bells
Defense smells
Offense laid an egg
The coaching staff
Gave us all a laugh
Only one more game to play-

By vikingology

97 comments on “A Vikings Jingle Bells

  1. Love it. No matter what we win next week. If the Lions score more points than us we get a better draft pick and if we score more than them we get to watch the Vikings win one last game at the dome. So cheers to thebest game of this season… the last one.

  2. Even I’m having a hard time defending Cassel after that performance. O-line was bad, but today he looked an awful lot like a certain other QB on the team who can’t hit a receiver in stride. Even the TD to Wright was short. And his footwork – terrible.

    Come Tuesday, we’ll hear reports of a “concussion,” and the QB carousel spins one last time this year.

    • Haha, one week from today…
      2:01PM CDT – Frasier gets fired
      2:02PM CDT – Musgrave gets fired
      2:03PM CDT – Alan Williams get fired
      2:04PM CDT – Ponder is released
      2:05PM CDT – Freeman is released
      2:06PM CDT – Cassel is released

    • Everybody keeps talking about a QB carousel. Did all of us watch the same game?

      It seem to me that ponder was the starter over Cassel and Freeman. Cassel only got to play when ponder was injured.

      It was just like 1971 when the #3 QB Gary Cuozzo got to play while 1972 pro bowler Norm Sneed and future Falcons starter Bob Lee sat on the bench. Never in the history of MN sports has a worse decision been made.

      It probably cost the Viking several wins. In addition we did not start some of the right people at other positions. Audio Cole is one who should have started 2 years ago.

  3. the problem with Cassel is that he started in 2 straight games. we all know he’s good every 4-5 games he plays. if he plays in games 2,6,10, and 14 next season we will win those games…

  4. Citing multiple sources, ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter reported on Sunday that Vikings ownership has told others around the league that it is planning to make a head coaching change after this season, though one team source was adamant that nothing has been decided yet. Vikings ownership has told others that it believes it presides over an attractive opportunity, one that will have another premium draft pick, along with the promise of a new stadium coming. The Vikings already have been doing their due diligence on potential replacements for Frazier, and their wish list is said to include Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin and Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien, among others.

    I’d heard rumblings of candidates putting out feelers for the Vikings job as early as November, when the team was 1-7.

    • Its not like other teams haven’t been embarrassed by the Bengals at home.
      If Frazier goes, we better make sure we get a “can’t miss”, if that is even possible.
      I would rather stick with Frazier rather than have another two year wonder.

  5. A couple were out Christmas shopping. After a while, the wife realized that they had become separated.
    With a lot of shopping left to do, she eventually became very worried and upset, so she called his cell phone.
    “Where are you” ?, she asked when he answered.
    He replied…..”Do you remember about ten years ago, when you fell in love with that diamond necklace at that little jewelry shop here in the mall” ? “I told you that I couldn’t afford it then, but someday I would get it for you” ?
    Choking up with emotion, she said ” Of course I do. I remember that like it was yesterday”.
    He said……”Well, I’m in the pub next door to it”.

  6. We are going to have a shit ton of cap space when Ponder, Freeman, Charlie Johnson, Jared Allen, Kevin Williams, Chris Cook, John Carlson get cut. We have to sign a starting corner because no matter who we draft they will always be terrible their first year. Draft is easy, Franchise QB first round then build our offensive and defensive lines to the way they once were. Easy formula don’t overcomplicate it.

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