King of the “Cassel”

rwcSdX0 cassel gif

Matt is truly “King Of The Castle”, if only for two weeks.

As we enter the end of the season, most fans that have been watching our Vikings all year are telling themselves, and others who will listen, “what if.” What if Matt Cassel would have remained a starter after he was given his first opportunity in week four. Would we be in playoff contention? Would there be continuous calls for Frazier’s head? Well, at this point, speculation will do little to console the Viking faithful.

It is what it is…we are who we are. We are a bottom dweller, feeding off the scraps of a season that is all but over.

Some people have declared a resurgence of the purple in the past few weeks, saying they are playing better than they have the whole season. That calls for Frazier to be fired are unwarranted.
Or perhaps we are playing like we have nothing to lose, which, for all practical purposes is true, resulting in the team making plays-just don’t fall into the trap that they may have turned a corner.

A few days ago, our fearless head coach, during a radio show, attempted to reach out to the Wilf’s regarding his job security by basically announcing that the Wilf’s should not listen to all the calls from fans to fire him, that the beat writers should bud out, that any analyist who breaks the Vikings’ coaching down should be discredited because they are not pro atheletes, and thusly know nothing about football. (paraphasing)

This appears to be a last-ditch attempt to save his job…well Leslie, you mentioned things have changed regarding media attention and team exposure over the years since you’ve been in the league. You are right, they have. Get used to it.

Like Ponder, I am done with Frazier, I have seen enough to know a .400 coach and QB when I see one.

So, getting back to Cassel, we could be in a very good position heading into next year…lets take a brief glimpse into the 2014-2015 season:

It starts with Matt Cassel wanting to come back to Minnesota next year so lets assume that happens.
He is in a great position to re-write his legacy as a QB in the NFL. In my opinion, we have an excellent roster with good depth, Cassel can really shine with the weapons we have at his disposal.

Also, assuming we draft a rookie QB (at the opportune time in the draft) with plenty of promise to be our long sought after franchise quarterback, he can learn under Cassel for a couple years and take over when the coaching staff feels he is ready. Cassel is a professional QB, and he understands the game. It will do good for the rookie to watch him from the sidelines and pick his brain.

Finally, (assuming once again) the Viking’s brass brings in a new head coach, the slate is clean to be able to evaluate and maximize the talent on the roster to it’s full potential.
The finished product could very well boast a formidable Vikings squad.

Alas, we still have to close out the season before any of this comes to fruition…all we can do is wait.

OK VFB’ers voice your opinions!

By vikingology

55 comments on “King of the “Cassel”

  1. This is a guy I really like. Has so much potential but has fallen because he transferred to a college close to home and dropped about 20 pounds. At worst he’s a nickel DE with Griffen on the outside.

  2. Here is a link to an article on what Frazier said and an opinion on his views:

    It is a valid argument that being patient has its rewards.
    Vikingology’s message at the start of this blog is well written and makes sense. He makes no mention, however, of the defense’s woes, which have been perhaps more instrumental in the Vikings’ slide than the offense.
    I, for one, was very optimistic at the start of this year. We ended last year on such a positive note, winning out the last 4 games to reach the playoffs. It seemed like Ponder had “figured it out” and it would only be onward and upward.
    I remain worried that a wholesale coaching change will set us back and continue the cycle of futile coaching changes that are made to appease the unhappy fans and the story hungry media.

  3. I am stuck and would like your thoughts on an enemy character for a game.
    A narcissistic guy who likes woman but also likes being the prettiest person around so if someone challenges that he may quite literally deface them.
    He is constantly changing his look and may also be considered a walking armory with the shit ton of hidden weapons he has on his person.

    What type of image does this bring to mind?
    What abilities would he use?
    Other questions that it brings up for you guys.
    Thoughts please.

  4. We all are entitled to our opinions as to what the future holds with the Vikings staff, and future of the franchise, but we all want the same end results.
    Personally, I don’t give a sh^t if Captain Kangaroo coaches our team, as long as we win a Super Bowl.
    But if Frazier remains as HC, if they change OC and DC, who would be willing to sign on for that?
    These last two games will be interesting in many ways.

  5. WOW!!! Good thoughts and insights! I haven’t been on here in a while (family is here for Christmas) but am trying to catch up. I have felt alot of the feelings my fellow VFB’ers are writing about. Change HC or not to change HC……hmmmm. I think that no matter what happens, we definitely need a very strong OC and a much better DC. I don’t think that we should change the HC just for the sake of change. Go large or go home!

    THIS WEEKS PREDICTION: Vikings- 34, Kitty Catz- 31. Like I said last week, I will not go against my beloved VIKINGS AGAIN!

    I just heard a blast from the past in my head… the words of Howard Cossell……DOWN GOES FRAIZER, DOWN GOES FRAZIER!

  6. Cassel train keeps a’rollin on down the Jennings highway.
    Our RBs make them pay for not being able to play last weekend.
    Prater gets another INT.

    Vikes roll to a 35-27 win, laying a smackdown on Susannah Hoffs and her Bangles.

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