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  1. I would predict the score but i know im to far behind to win,I do say we beat the bengals though,AP is back and we have some great momentum from last game.This is our last road game so we have to at least win one on the road.

  2. There is a funny video of Musgrave answering a question regarding Patterson’s roll-out where he was going to pass the ball, but reversed and ran for a first down instead. Apparently, Patterson had tried this play several times in practice, but had never completed any of them. Musgrave was asked if this didn’t affect his decision to call the play? Answer: Evidently not. The guy actually has a sense of humor.
    I must say that, judging from the press interviews, none of the coaches seem to be worried about their jobs. The media chatter about Frazier et al being fired has subsided, as well. Probably due to an impressive showing against the Eagles. As someone pointed out here, the Eagles defense is very bad. How we show up against the Bengals will be a good show and tell. I want to see if Rhodes will be playing before I make a score prediction. Not that I’m any good at it, anyway. I think it will be a low scoring game – around mid twenties or lower for each team.

  3. I think i’m actually ok with a pick out of the top 5 in the draft.

    I don’t think there is a Luck coming out in this draft, and I don’t think I want them to take a QB in the first round. I’m fine with letting MC run the offense for another year or two. I really want us to draft defense this year. And if we move to a 3-4, we will have to.

    I want a DE or a monster NT in the first. Then a guard and a CB.

    • There usually isn’t a Luck in any draft. Before him, the next guy who was such a guaranteed lock as a franchise QB was Peyton Manning. However, I have read that Bridgewater is graded as the second best QB prospect in the last decade, right behind Luck. Unfortunately, that means we would need to have the #1 (possibly #2) pick in the draft to have a shot at him, which is not in the cards anymore.

    • I’m on the same page as the author in that article. I want a Defensive minded coach, and this Zimmer guy sounds great. I would have liked to see him toss out his opinion of some of the other good DCs in the league right now though too. I don’t know anything about any of them (including their names), but the Panthers, Seahawks, 49ers and Chiefs have the top-4 defenses in the league, so I’d like to learn about the DCs who are leading these teams.

  4. I like the idea of Bill O’Brien as HC-if we bring in a Rookie (Franchise?) QB he would be great at proper development. Also, leading with the offense…on the other hand Zimmer has had alot of success.
    If the Vikes hire an offensive minded coach, then as long as he brings in a great DC we should be OK-same with a defensive minded coach bringing in an offensive guru.

    • I agree, Titus. At the end of 2012, the Vikings offense was rated at 20th in the league. At this point in 2013, they are at 13th. A good improvement – I think we all know why – a much better receiving corps and Matt Cassel. The defense has, unfortunately, taken a huge step backward, from 17th last year to 31st this year. Why has the defense floundered? Injuries, for sure. But, its got to be something more than that. Could it be the loss of Winfield? A veteran presence in the backfield amongst a lot of much younger players. The DL is essentially the same. The LBs are essentially the same – the loss of Brinkley can’t be the reason – can it? I think it may be that the loss of Winfield has had a bigger effect on the team than anything else. We have lost quite a few games due to late-game passing scores – would Winfield have helped prevent some of those? Of course we don’t know, but I think he (if he wasn’t injured) would have helped. For the future, the emergence of Rhodes looks positive. Also, maybe Prater, although one game doesn’t mean much.
      I guess my basic point is that, if the loss of Winfield has hurt the defense, we all know who that is on.

    • Here’s what CBS Sports has to say about the kid:
      “10/08/2013 – 2014 NFL DRAFT WEEK 6 STOCK REPORT, NFL PROSPECTS WHO HELPED THEMSELVES: DT Daniel McCullers, Tennessee…Despite its top two rushers sidelined due to injury, Georgia ran for 238 yards against Tennessee on Saturday en route to the 34-31 overtime victory. But it was still a positive performance by McCullers who showed why some view him as a top-50 prospect for May’s NFL Draft. He is a double-team magnet with his massive frame and overall length, but he has above average natural power to overwhelm single blocks and win 1-on-1 matchups.
      McCullers has shown improved awareness and uses his eyes better to track and make plays against the run, although most times he just doesn’t get there in time. He has tight hips and struggles to freely move laterally which inhibits his overall range. But that’s not his game, McCullers is a short-area defender who clogs the middle and can handle multiple blockers while still making plays against the run whether lined up as a nose tackle or outside the guard’s shoulder. – Dane Brugler, NFLDraftScout.com

      “STRENGTHS: Despite his inexperience, McCullers’ size and ability to disrupt things from the middle often made him the focus of an opponent’s blocking scheme. Has been double-teamed on most snaps and has even seen triple-team blocks often. Despite the attention, McCullers’ size and strength make him tough to move in the running game. He plays with better leverage than one might expect given his frame, holding up well inside and sliding off blockers to handle two-gap responsibilities when playing the 3-4 nose guard. He was equally impressive against the run when Tennessee switched to a four-man front in 2012.
      “WEAKNESSES: While McCullers’ is tough against the run, he offers little in terms of a pass rush. He certainly has the strength to simply push opponents into the pocket but possesses below average foot-quickness and lateral agility.”

      In short, he’s the big blocker-occupying DT we have been lacking since Pat retired.

      • Good point, he could be a big plus on our defense– I would be okay with it– he would be the Loadholt of the defense– but I am glad to see my eyes still work well– told you guys– below average feet and lateral agility– saw it within 2 minutes.

  5. Sorry Roger been away. Now as the son of a football recruit (from a different sport) the first thing I can tell immediately from this McCullers fella which is a red flag for me is that he doesn’t play comfortably in his body. Hard to explain but you can see it when he tries to move side to side. His legs are long and he’s too top heavy. The guys massive and moves with a lot of force going downhill but as soon as he has to change direction he’s all over the place. I wouldn’t choose him in the top 3 rounds.

  6. I like both Hageman and that other guy you were talking about Roger I think his name is Daquan Jones? The guy I’m concerned about is Louis Nix III. We get a lot of Notre Dame games over here and I keep on seeing him blocked and ridden out of his hole too easily. Sometimes he’s dominant but then sometimes he’s non existent and not through lack of effort. Seems he’s being mocked so high due to his potential but I just cannot stop picturing how awful he was against Alabama I mean holy cow he was pathetic!

    In Conclusion, Hageman or Jones for Irish.

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