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  1. Well, I lived near Cincy a couple years– and like the Vikes, the Bengals disappoint year after year. I won’t say I told you so to some of you, but maybe I will– some of you said how good the Bengals are– not. But, they are very good at home this year, and I suspect, after looking crappy last night, they will be a force on Sunday. Then again, our team looked pretty darn good– almost 50 points? And our two best running backs on the sideline? Going to be a tough one to predict, but I think the tigers pull it off.

  2. If the Vikings do go with Cassel as the starter next year maybe the QB should be Mettenberger. He has a torn ACL so he will not be ready this year but he could watch Cassel and learn how to be a student of the game if he already isn’t. I not to high on Zach but other people are then this would allow the Vikings to get Louis Nix III to fill the massive hole Fat Pat left long ago.

    • I like Nix, lot of good DT’s this year but I don’t understand why he doesn’t get the same criticism that Teo got for his performance against Alabama he was just as bad if not worse.

  3. I don’t even know why Cassel is even in the discussion for next year. He’s started 4 years in the NFL already and the best he was hoping for was a backup role. He played well (not great) against the Steelers but then played badly against Carolina and got benched. No more veteran stop-gap *solutions!*

    • I’m confused – people never get better in the NFL? They never fail with one team, and go on to success with another?

      We should never have kept Cris Carter around? The Rams should have passed on Warner? 49ers should never have given Montana a shot? Jim Plunkett, Bret Favre, Steve Young should have just hung up the cleats and tried another profession after they failed to be great their first several years?

    • Carolina has the #2 ranked Defense in the NFL. The greatest RB in the world only managed 62 yards against them that game.

      Even playing “badly” Cassel threw for 241 yards against Carolina, something Ponder has done only 6 times in 3 years.

    • Cassel also was a pro bowler when he was in KC and I think he won something like 10 games when he filled in for Brady one year in NE. So, he has shown promise. So, he had a bad game against the Panthers? I saw Brees struggle in Seattle a few weeks back– Panthers are one of the top teams in the NFL (course at the time we played them, we didn’t know that yet). I think Cassel is good- I wanted him to play since preseason.

      • I can totally understand that. We all want success/SB. HOW that happens, I could care less.

        But, all those people I mentioned above weren’t ‘flashes in the pan.’ They were dynasties.

        Maybe Cassel is only good for a few more years, maybe 10. We won’t know unless we play him until he stops winning games.

        Contend for the next 15 years – haven’t we been doing that? In the 90s we made the playoffs 7 times, in the 2000s 4 times. Or are you shooting for 100%?

  4. Vikings 2014 Opponents:

    The Minnesota Vikings know they will play their home games in 2014 at TCF Bank Stadium on the University of Minnesota campus and now they know all of their opponents for the season.

    The Vikings’ schedule will include home-and-away games against their NFC North foes — Chicago, Detroit and Green Bay — as well as home games against Atlanta, Carolina, New England, the New York Jets and the last-place team in the NFC East. That will be the Washington Redskins.

    Washington and the New York Giants could finish the season tied at 5-11, but Washington would finish in last based on the fourth tie-breaker, which is conference record.

    The Vikings’ away schedule will include New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Miami and the last-place team in the NFC West. That will be the St. Louis Rams.

    The NFL will announce the dates and times for the games this spring.

  5. My prediction for this week: Vikings put up an impressive 27 points on the road against Cincinatti’s defense, while chasing the ineptitude of their own defense which might as well have not shown up as they give up an embarrassing 36 points.

  6. Todd Mcshays first mock draft is out. He has Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, Johny Manziel, Derek Carr all gone by the time we pick at #8. We are going to have to trade up.

    On another note Hageman is taken at the bottom of the 1st yay he’s attainable!

  7. I’m sorry if it sounds like I just want us to take a QB early no matter who it is and play him right away, what I really mean is if the Vikings have identified a franchise QB and believe he’ll go early then go get him and don’t stuff around. If they don’t think any of those top 5 guys are the one then by all means WAIT and play Cassel. I would obviously love to be able to draft Anthony Barr and Rashede Hageman with the first two picks and take a franchise QB in the 3rd but how likely is that to happen?

  8. If Cassel can play well enough then I would have no problem going D with our 1st round pick and grabbing a Mettinberger or Garoppolo with our 2nd or one of our 3rd round picks. Gunna be an interesting spring.

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