Vikings have been dominant for most of the game but the Eagles have put together a couple of quick scores. Will the Vikings fold once again or will we find a way to hang on? Our draft position is on the line so hold on to your dicks SEND!

By greatirishpotatofamine

97 comments on “HERE WE GO AGAIN…

    • Randall Cunningham played okay. Brett Favre may have made a few plays. Tommy Kramer was okay. Brad Johnson showed some promise. Warren Moon was able to connect with a receiver or two. Jim McMahon strutted alright once in a while. But, no, not many long term franchise QBs, if any, outside of Francis.

      • Forget franchise QBs. Cassel is only 31. He could definitely play well for 5 or 6 more years.

        But would we be happy with 2 years and a World Championship. He could be part of that, if only…if only…if only we could obtain a strong DT and LB to compliment the rest of our defense. Do we need DBs, and OLs? Sure we do. But it’s those big guys up front that do the work and make things happen.

        Why don’t you write me?

    • It’s true letting ponder start all those games was insane.

      I was pushing for putting Ziggy Wilfs in at QB. It may have been Ziggy making that decision anyway. How else do you explain it?

  1. I think letting Les and his crew go will be the best thing they can do. There’s a lot of talk about the team not performing because of a coaching change. But look at KC and Philly this year, they both started over and will both probably make the playoffs. And we have more talented players, I think it can be done!

  2. dam i missed the game today because i was too busy,i saw the highlights and saw cassel threw for over 300 yards,has ponder ever done that? woooooooooooooooooooooo great vikings win today =)

  3. Hot damn! What a game. Just made it home from the Cities.

    Happy BDay Titus – don’t you wish you could age in reverse now?

    Game observations:
    Prater is the real deal – gotta keep that kid around.
    Jennings is open EVERY play at some point or other – just boggles the mind why Ponder could never find him.
    Cassel can man the ship for several years while our draft QB sponges off him – he may even take us all the way in the meantime – that dude can play.
    Joe Webb is the most talented blocker in the NFL – not the best blocker, but the most talented (as in “He’s the most talented athlete on the team”) – I’m betting they’ll be switching his number to something that starts with a 7 next year and just make it official.
    $7.75 for a beer is highway robbery.
    People with tiny bladders always sit in the middle of the section.
    Draft be damned – it was a GOOD win!

        • I was on there for a while too– but as you guys may know I usually miss the first half of early Sunday games — and kept hearing how good Ponder looked. When I would go back and watch the whole game, I saw the same old Ponder– scampering around, unable to truly read the defense. He does show at times that he can do it– I think that is what is frustrating, but Frazier and Spielman never should have thrown the team and the fans under the bus on a glimmer of hope– inexcusable.

          • This was the year that would supposedly allow Ponder to prove he belonged. He has been injured too much to be definitive on that score, in my opinion. It is moot now, because Cassel has shown he belongs as the starter.
            Ponder’s biggest failing, I think, is an inability to respond to pressure. He can’t seem to get the ball off quickly enough when he has someone in his face. Teams have learned how to bottle him up, so he can’t escape and use his legs to gash them. It could also be that they haven’t designed the proper plays for him to unload it in a hurry, but Cassel seems to be able to do that. If Ponder could correct that deficiency, I think he could have a future. He seems to have the desire and the work ethic.
            Cassel sucked in the Carolina game, but that was before everyone realized how good Carolina’s defense was. Using 20/20 hindsight, it is obvious that Cassel gave us “the best chance to win”.

            • Watching the two of them alternate throws in pre-game – Cassel right on the money with 95% of his throws – Ponder threw behind about 50%, too far in front another 10-15%. I’ve said it for 2 years now – he cannot hit a moving target with any consistency.

              He aired couple out, and it seemed he and Cassel were competing to throw the tightest rope – there really isn’t anything wrong with his arm strength, something else is weighing into it during an actual game. Nerves? (Fail Mary????)

              3 years in the NFL and he’s still getting knocked on for the things he got knocked on in college. It’s not enough to admit “there’s things I need to work on,” you actually HAVE to work on them.

              Cariboo is right – maybe he’ll go on to success in the CFL or Europe, but I can’t think of an NFL team desperate enough to sign him as a backup.

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