Minnesota Nice

Minnesota Nice

About ten years ago a friend of a friend (I know) of mine gave me a small duffel bag filled with Vikings swag. As it turned out he was a promotional guy for the Vikings back when the Dome was built. I got a couple of posters (one of Fran), a beanie baby type bear with a Vikings jersey on and a couple other things including this hat.
We’re not Viking fans because of Superbowl rings or any of that pride crap. We’re Viking fans because we live and die with our team, good or bad.
So if anyone heckles you for being a Viking fan, stay Minnesota nice and don’t tell them to F off. Tell em to suck eggs….

By vegasvike

130 comments on “Minnesota Nice


    Sorry it was so late. That cold snap we had burst pipes at the bar, which burned up my ice-maker. Also had no water at the house, took me three days to thaw out the system.. had to hand pump water for the livestock. Got the flu from the kids. Oh well.

    So what will the Vikings Eagles score be? What say you fellow bloggers?

    • Interesting thought……I don’t think he would move from Penn State, well not anyway yet. I think I would much rather have him for an O/C now and see how he does. If the Wilf’s open up the checkbook, maybe we could get a Billick or Gruden….I don’t think it will happen though. Not as long as Speilman is in charge. I still think that we could get a proven NFL winner in Lovie Smith. The more I look back on his track record, the more I like the guy for our next head coach.

  2. On a completely different note, this morning when I got up to go to work, I saw two new presents under the tree. one had this wrapping in the shape of a guitar, it had a power cord coming out of it, running to the next present. It appeared to be plugged into something with a box shape to it. I can’t figure out what it might be, any thoughts would be helpful!!


  4. Thanks you everyone for the bday blessings– now that I am half a century, I will use that in my favor. Man it feels good to enter the decade of greatness. NOW, home from church (great time) and to see the Vikings winning is more sweetness.

  5. Bittersweet, though– none of us can really conjecture backward (there you go Chilly), but let’s be honest– had Cassel been in all along, we probably would still be in the playoff hunt.

  6. Not really worried about the draft position anymore. We have a solid core of players, just need the right coaching staff.

    We can get Derek Carr or NT Louis Nix anywhere from 7-9 I’m cool with that!

    • Yeah, I was thinking that earlier in the season. Bday was yesterday, but I think I will celebrate till the new year (a friend of mine recently had her bday and she said she celebrates the whole month– I thought that was a cool idea).

    • Cassel has played very well at times in his career at KC and New England. AND so has Freeman– so that is why I don’t understand not playing him – will they please try Freeman out at Cincy next week? Puhleeeeeez!

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