Friday the 13th=Black Monday

Since today is Friday the 13th, I have fast forwarded the time to Black Monday…as we all know this day as the most feared day for Head Coaches on the hot seat:

untitled fri 13

I’m sorry Leslie, I have been sent here to terminate you…

Leslie Frazier

Please…please, just one more chance!

imagesCAZ90EX3 chilldress

WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! C’mon man, I didn’t get another chance!

imagesCAPI0JUO zigi and mark

Sorry Leslie, we’ve made up our minds…besides Jason doesn’t come cheap. OK Jason do your thing.

imagesCAOZ1CQR rick on phone

Tell me when it’s over…I have Billick on hold.

k-bigpic outta here

Viking fans…he’s outta here!

By vikingology

55 comments on “Friday the 13th=Black Monday

  1. V-O asked this on the previous blog before he created this new one and I think it raises a few questions that needs answered.
    Nova-is Friday the 13th as superstitious in Canada as much as the US…what about down under GIPF?

    Now for the question it brings:
    Irish what is under you? Is it superstitious? If so why?

      • From what I’ve heard Singletary is seen as a joke among coaches league wide. If Frazier was to be fired then Singletary would be right there with him. No doubt Priefer would get the interim job.

  2. We’re SOL for a running game this weekend, and the Eagle D will be blitzing all day long to blow up our passing game. If we had Toby or AP, or a solid line, would be different.

    Eagles 28-13

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