Scrolls or Skrulls?

What is more life threatening scrolling through a large number of funny albeit time consuming comments or the Skrulls from Marvel comics who replace Captain America with one of them while trying to take over the word? For we will not know because the evil Scroll beast has been defeated atleast for now.

By roger

96 comments on “Scrolls or Skrulls?

    • Two things are amazing towards “The Fred”

      1. Why people ignored me all of last year when I repeatedly said the Vikings were
      incredibly lucky with injuries in 2012. (Some persons argued with me that it was not so, that we had just as few in 2011!!!)

      2. It’s not just the Vikings that start their best QB after all the other QBs have been exhausted. (ponder, Freeman, finally Cassel) (ponder is spelled lower case, Fred did not make a spelling mistake.) ponder, ponder, ponder.
      I noticed the Browns are finally playing Jason Campbell! Even a rugby player with a concussion would know to play Campbell over Hoyer and Weeden! Weeden plays like he is on weed!!! So it is not just the Vikings.

    • Bridgewater might be as good as Ryan Leaf or Peyton Manning. Who knows, college is vastly different than the NFL.

      Stick with Cassel or Webb. Then get some football players to help the dude out.

    • @roger,

      What the Vikings need is an offensive line. Sullivan and Kalil are starters. The other 3 should be backups. Why do you think A.D. is injured all the time?

      Even ponder could pass decently with a little time. (ponder is spelled “ponder” repeat, rinse, start over.) ponder

      Freddie is pushing you guys for it, because “ponder” may start again for the Vikings. Let him become an all-pro somewhere else.


    • Where is Freeman? I know he has had some rough periods in his career, but he also shined a few times– I remember reading he played something like 5 games straight with an average rating of 114. I am shaking my head– why wouldn’t Frazier and Spielman play this kid the final three games? COME ON!!!

      • Very good question Titus.
        It could be that they want to make a decision regarding Cassel versus Ponder?
        Maybe they have already decided Freeman isn’t the answer and they are just playing out the string?
        I obviously don’t know! But I think it is probably that they want to see more of Cassel. He can be a free agent, I believe, at the end of this year. So, if he chooses to go FA, the Vikings will want to evaluate him to decide whether or not to, or how to, negotiate with him. I think Cassel and a young drafted QB could be a very good combination.
        Just guessing, though.

      • @Titus,

        Like I have heard them say at KFan, “who knows who is pulling the strings for the Vikings.”

        As for me, I would resign if I was the HC and someone was telling me who to play and who to sit. I hope that is not happening!

        My choice right now at QB is Cassel. Why does it matter whether a guy is a “journeyman” or a “1st round draft pick.” What should matter is how he plays!!!

        @31 Cassel is plenty young to have a long career at QB.

        • True– Cassel should have been playing from the second or third game as starter— not saying I prefer Freeman because he was 1st round pick, but if I were HC, I would play him now that he has been with us for a while– and see what he has got. Otherwise, it makes no sense– he has played superbly at times– why not see who he is? It could be, we have our franchise QB under our noses and yet we will try out a guy from the draft? I feel like I am in twilight zone when I watch the strategy of this organization, or lack of.

            • Hmmmmmmm……methinks you might be on to something!!!

              However, that is true if you are only considering Ponder and Cassel in the mix. Freeman is the wildcard. There are only 2 scenarios that I can come up with:

              1. Freeman is the future. They’ve seen him do enough in practice now to know he can lead the team, and they’re evaluating Ponder and Cassel for the QB2 spot next year.

              2. Freeman is NOT the future. Viking staff have realized TB was correct in their assessment of him, his epic failure vs the Giants was no fluke, and he has no future in the NFL. They are evaluating Ponder and Cassel to be QB2 to our massively impressive draft pick.

              • Cassel is the QB of the future (although they gave up on Webb, which is like the Browns playing Weeden and Hoyer over Campbell).

                Cassel is only 31. Freeman has to be #2. #3 who knows?

                We need linemen, O and D.

  1. Irish – you’re planning on coming to a game next fall. I’d like to put in a request that, if possible, you choose a game that does not fall on the weekend before or after Thanksgiving. That’s our deer hunting season, and I want to be sure I can make it to the game.

  2. We need a franchise qb! Cassel should never be anything but a backup for us. 50 years we’ve depended on veteran qbs and it always ends in tears ITS INSANITY!

    ponder (lower case) is not even good enough to be a backup.

  3. Interesting comments from John Madden on whether or not to “suck for Luck”.

    If the Washington Redskins decided to bench Robert Griffin III for competitive reasons, it wouldn’t be the first time a franchise player had temporarily lost his starting job.

    RGIII shut down for 2013

    » Shanahan: Snyder OK’d decision
    » Cousins: RGIII is franchise QB
    » Cousins will take the reins
    » Why was Griffin benched?
    » Shanahan explains move
    » RGIII reacts to being shut down
    » Cousins on being tabbed starter
    » Casserly: ‘RGIII just needs a break’
    » What’s behind the decision?
    » Robert Griffin III through the years
    If coach Mike Shanahan opted to keep Griffin off the field because the quarterback was hounded by an injury, that certainly would not be without precedent.

    Shanahan didn’t cite either of those reasons in Wednesday’s rambling press conference. He continually drove home the point that Kirk Cousins is starting the final three games to ensure that Griffin doesn’t suffer a new injury that will affect his offseason program.

    In a Wednesday interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Adam Schein, Hall of Fame coach and broadcaster John Madden cried foul, labeling Shanahan’s machinations “baloney.”

    “I like Mike Shanahan, and I’m not talking behind his back,” Madden said, “but when you say something like that, you know that’s not right. You’re not going to sacrifice regular season games. There’s only 16 of them a year. You’re not going to sacrifice regular season games for an offseason program.

    “I don’t understand what they’re doing. It’s hard to take well we’re watching out for RGIII’s health and his welfare. You know, if you felt [that way] about his health and welfare, you probably would have done something about it a year ago, or maybe even earlier in the season, when he started the regular season without any preseason practice.”

    It’s a fair point. Football is a contact sport. If Shanahan wanted to ensure Griffin’s health, why play him for 13 games? Why not sit him once the Redskins were eliminated? This coaching staff was well aware that Griffin needed the game experience to develop as a pocket passer.

    “His playing is going to to help him,” Madden continued. “He needs experience, he needs snaps, he needs reps, he needs to get his confidence back … Where did shut him down ever come up in football? I never heard shut him down. I mean, that was a baseball thing — a pitch count, he’s thrown so many, now we’re going to shut him down. I’ve never heard of a football player ever being shut down. Now if he’s hurt, that’s a different story. If he’s hurt and can’t play, then we’re talking about a different ballgame here.”

    What has Madden particularly nonplussed is that Shanahan has put the integrity of the game in jeopardy.

    ‘This is still regular-season football,” Madden explained. “Draft order, that’s one small thing, but you still owe it to the people that are playing, that are still in the playoff picture. And when you can affect that and you don’t affect it with an all-out performance, then I think that affects the integrity of the game … If you’re in the regular season, there’s only one way to play, and that’s to play your best people to win the game, every regular season game.”

    Madden’s soapbox soliloquy is music to my ears. Football players have one job above all others: compete. It’s at the heart of all professional athletic leagues.

    Colts coach Chuck Pagano said it well this week when asked if he would rest players down the stretch now that he has wrapped up the AFC South. “They give you a 16-game schedule,” Pagano said. “and we are going to play it.”

    The NFL has tried its best to legislate against late-season forfeits popularized by former Colts president Bill Polian and coach Tony Dungy last decade. The schedule now concludes with key divisional matchups designed to prevent teams from making a mockery of 6-12 percent of the schedule by benching the best players in the league.

    It’s a shame the Redskins have opted against the natural competition that the league has attempted to enforce.

    The latest “Around The League Podcast” recapped all the Week 14 games.

  4. Knowing the brain child the Vikings are at choosing a QB, they’ll burn their first round pick on one then go into camp with that pick, Ponder, Cassel, Freeman and Webb. Only to announce Ponder as the starter, stating “he gives us the best chance to win”

  5. It sounds like Derrick Carr has the biggest arm out of this upcoming QB draft class. The “Carr” name freaks me out a little because his brother was a bust. He wasn’t as big of a bust as Jamarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf but he was still considered a pretty big bust.

    Here is a video from 2001 of David and Derrick (10 years old here) on a local news channel at the end of David’s collegiate career at Fresno State.

    Derrick hijacks the interview and starts cranking out all this football knowledge. You can see, even at 10 years old, he has a much quicker mind than his brother.

    • Derek does indeed have the biggest arm in the draft.
      You can not blame the failings of a sibling on another just as you can not blame a son for what his father has done. Why? Because they didn’t have anything to do with it. The thing most people fail to remember is that the Texans sucked and never got anyone to help David. His OLine would not even be able to be called swiss cheese seeing how instead of filled with holes is was just a massive one, along with no weapons wrs or otherwise. Truth be told he didn’t have a chance.

      • Yeah, David was sacked 76 times in one year. That’s a sure fire way to destroy a young QB’s development.

        With our O-line and Offensive weapons I think Derek could really thrive here. I really like our Offense. I think all we need is a RB to replace Toby when he leaves, an upgrade at the LG spot and then draft the best QB possible.

        The rest of the Draft I’d go almost all defense.

  6. Good grief– there is something wrong with this league– just checked the ESPN expert picks that come out every Wed– almost without fail, all the picks are the same– in fact, most games are unanimous– or maybe, one or two dissenters. Guess what– once again everyone picked against the Vikings. Everyone picked Detroit to win– that is funny.

    • just read an interesting article — eagles coach said they know what musgrave will do. Gee, wonder how? I think if AD AND Toby don’t play, we are in for big trouble. If Toby plays, we may have a chance.

  7. My Accident

    I woke up swathed in bandages, in a hospital ICU, tubes entering different
    parts of my body, wires monitoring every function, and a gorgeous nurse
    hovering over me.
    It was obvious I’d been in a serious accident.
    I heard her say, “You may not feel anything from the waist down”.
    I managed to mumble in reply, “Can I feel your tits, then” ?

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